The Runt That Gets Nothing

The Runt That Gets Nothing

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Chapter 2.

A death and A birth (Chapter 1)

There was a yowl coming from the Medicine Cat's Den. Everyone knew Ashflight was giving birth, but no one knew how many kits there would be. Many cats went out hunting or out on a patrol so they wouldn't have to hear the loud yowls all day, but some cats were unlucky.

Leaffall, the RiverClan Medicine Cat, and Tigerscar, Ashflight's mate, were helping Ashflight with kitting. Tigerscar was trying to soothe Ashflight and Leaffall was doing her thing. Ashflight had three healthy kits. A tom and two she-kits. One of the she-kits was a runt though, but she would live. Leaffall then realized that Ashflight was bleeding way too much.

"S-she isn't going to make it," Leaffall silently gasped as she tried to quickly stop the bleeding. "What?!" Tigerstar exclaimed. "It's my t-time. G-goodbye, my love." Ashflight quietly and weakly said, as she smiled weakly. "Y-you can't leave me, Ashflight! You mean too much to me!" Tigerscar wailed for the first time in a while. "You'll make a g-great father, Tigerscar... Just don't steer them down the wrong p-path," Ashflight weakly joked and touched noses Tigerscar, who had a few tears escape his eyes. "I love you...Never forget that," Ashflight weakly mewed as her head laid back and her yellow eyes dulled. Tigerscar knew that Ashflight was now gone, for good. Possibly gone to StarClan. Tigerscar sighed as he wiped his tears. 

Tigerscar and Leaffall then picked up the kits. Tigerscar had the tom and she-kit while Leaffall had the runt. They entered the Nursery and saw Silverfrost, a queen who had just gave birth to her kits not too long ago. "Silverfrost, Ashflight just died after giving birth to these kits. Could you raise them for her?" Leaffall asked the queen. "Of course I will! I'm not a cold-hearted monster," Silverfrost meowed. Tigerscar and Leaffall placed the kits down beside Silverfrost and the kits mewed once they smelled the milk scent coming from Silverfrost. They waddled towards the queen and started to suckle. Silverfrost curled her fluffy tail around her kits and Ashflight's kits. Silverfrost only had two kits, Darkkit and Lightkit, a tom and a she-kit. 

Tigerscar knew that his kits needed to be named, so he named the tom Crowkit and the older she-kit Nightkit. He didn't know what to name the runt, but a soft voice in the breeze whispered 'Hollowkit'. Tigerscar knew Ashflight wanted the runt to be named Hollowkit.

So that is what the runt was named. Hollowkit.
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