The Runt That Gets Nothing

The Runt That Gets Nothing

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Chapter 1.
Holloweye's Introduction

Holloweye's Introduction

Hi, I'm Holloweye. I am a very small, unusual looking she-cat. Everyone teases me because of my height so I'm very insecure. My father, Tigerscar, doesn't respect or like me since I am the runt of the clan and my litermates. Ashflight, my mother, died while giving birth to me and my siblings. Crowfang, my brother, has stood up for me before, but I'm not sure how much longer he can do that. Nightfeather, my sister, has never stood up for me once; she just thinks she's better than everyone else. She also thinks she can control me and Crowfang. Crowfang and I don't like Nightfeather. She's a mouse–dung. 

I soon meet a tom. The tom right for me; I know he is. I love him and he loves me. Nothing better than that right? Wrong. The only bad thing is, we're in different Clans! I'm from RiverClan and he's from ThunderClan! This won't work, but we have to be daring and rebellious some times, right? Well, if not then go away! This is my life, not yours!

His name is Whitescar, and he's amazing! I love him... I just hope he loves me as much as I love him. Anywaaaays! Many changes happen in my life and I hope you all enjoy!

Made by Ñärwhäl-Chäñ

This was my idea for this story but art is not mine!
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