Water's Edge

this is a fun little Ben Drowned x Reader fanfiction I wrote! WARNING: this story contains blood, gore, and mildly sugestive content!

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Chapter 1.

The Game

My Family member had informed me a little bit about the game Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask! I decided I might as well give it a go. I start up my game console and select the game Majora's Mask. it goes to the loading screen and I find a file named Ben. I make a new file thinking it was one of my family members files.

I walk around a little bit and go through the game until I get to north clock town then the game starts to glitch. I stand up and turn off the console then turn it back on! I sit back down in my seat and it goes to the files. I decide to delete the Ben file and open up mine. When the loading screen pops up I see the words “YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT!” in bold red letters I drop the controller and begin to say “what the fu-”

but before I can continue I am interrupted by a hand coming out of my television! I get up and run out of my room and into the kitchen. I grab the biggest knife I could find and run back to my room. By the time I entered my bedroom the person who was coming out of my television was nowhere to be seen! I cautiously walk through my bedroom until I hear a faint rustle in my closet.

I walk up to my closet slowly and say “I know you're in there! You are rather loud...come out! I have a knife!” I wait...nothing I try saying “I’m not going to hurt you unless you hurt me...you have until the count of three!” I pause “one” … “two” I feel a hand go over my mouth and I hear a glitchy boy's voice behind me whisper “Three!”

I quickly turn around and put my knife to the boy’s throat! He grins a little and says “feisty are we?” I snarl and little and say “I said I wasn't going to hurt you unless you hurt me! I will stick to my word, but one wrong move and it’s game over! Got it?” he nods his head and I take the knife from his throat! I take a moment to realise that I am face to face with a certain blond named Ben Drowned! I feel my jaw drop and I say “wait a minute you’re Ben Drowned!”
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