Shadow Clan

For those of you who game in space RPG's, you should know exactly what game this story is based on.

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Chapter 1.

The Orginization

        The Shadow Clan is a place within the universe shrouded with mystery and seclusion. Those that have stepped in there way have never lived to tell. If the have the refuse to speak because it will always be worse than death, death may even be a blessing. The ships the fly strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. The ship itself is one of the most elite in the universe. Capable of using technologies well beyond the limit of everything known to man, alien or the Ori. The price to pay is even worse though. These ships are tied to you and any damage dealt to the ship is dealt to them. That would be their fatal flaw. For this reason they are never touched. They are the most elite fighters in the universe. The Shadow Clan has been called many names, "Shadow Clan" is simply a code name. They have been know as Gods. Their most feared name is "The Organization." Why would this matter though? Their purpose is that of simply bringing those who harm to justice, but there is something more, something darker...
The Organization has rarely came in packs even less so in large amounts. However, today that has changed. The Organization has come to realize that they have found what they are looking for. They found it at last. It was their "Mother". The Mother has been long searched for by everyone. She has been in something that was truly terrifying.  What may be that terrifying though? It was an alien species known as "The Nomads." The Nomads have come to protect something that has been long lost for too long.          

"The Artifact."

The Artifact has been researched by humans for a long time, of course they had no idea that this is what has caused all of the attacks among everyone. The last hope know was a man named James Edison.
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