Nightmare's! Give them nightmare's! [NIGHTMARE'S ORIGIN (Me)]

Nightmare's! Give them nightmare's! [NIGHTMARE'S ORIGIN (Me)]

::(Nightmare's origin, created by Nightmare. Copyright, this is my Cp oc, I created her, I drew her, and I did...everything else...if you would like to use her in a story or copy her story somewhere, please give me credit for it...oh, and please leave a link to your story or something if you use her! And I don't promote killing or going insane! (GORE AT THE END! MAY NEED TRIGGER WARNING FOR BULLYING))::

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Nightmare's! Give them nightmare's!

Nightmare's! Give them nightmare's!

::(Nightmare's origin, created by Nightmare.
Copyright, this is my Cp oc, I created her, I drew her, and I did...everything else...if you would like to use her in a story or copy her story somewhere, please give me credit for it...oh, and please leave a link to your story or something if you use her! And I don't promote killing or going insane! (GORE AT THE END! MAY NEED TRIGGER WARNING FOR BULLYING))::

May 3, 2019...the day everything changed for me...My name is Ashley Roberts , but you will call me Nightmare from now on. this whole thing will sound crazy...but believe me, I didn't ask for this sh*t. Oh, and if you're going to be reading my biography, you might as well know that I'm kind of bipolar. Okay, I am more than just kind of. But, I'm not as bad as Toby...I think. I have all the symptoms, every test I take says I have it, every website I I might make you angry...or annoyed. Or I might make put you in a good mood. And my parents told me I didn't have bipolarness or whatever it's called.

I'm 16 years old. And I'm finally out of this h*ll hole people call highschool. When I turned 14, one of my eyes changed. It kind of creeped me out, but the voice in my head told me it was going to happen. I've known her since I was 11, but she says she's been with me forever. She just didn't have enough power to talk to me. Her name is Shadow...But...I don't like  to say her name out loud, so I'll just call her S...She is the only one I can talk to freely; Mainly because she's, my head. At first, me and her were complete oppsites, but I slowly became attached to her. She made me less afraid of things, I now like horror movies and blood; I actually REALLY like blood weird as it sounds. And she became attached to me; Even though she doesn't want to admit it, like she is right as I'm typing this.

I love to draw blood, write blood, imagine it; Especially imagine it...I always seemed to imagine things. Anyone and anything, anything beyond I could really do. I don't get out much, mainly because I'm a loner and typically don't like people very much. I hated them even more when my eyes changed. Oh, and the reason they changed? So S, the voice in my head could see out of it. My left eye is red, and my right eye is brown. And my hair is a dark brown, also very messy. It's shoulder-length, because it was always too much work to take care of when it was longer. I have bags under my eyes, also. Because I don't get much sleep. It's just too much! Whenever I fall asleep, I have nightmares. I don't even know what they're about! But sometimes, if I'm lucky, I'll get to talk directly to S. But, now that I'm a proxy, I have my beautiful purple and silver mask to hide them! I hate it when I'm without my mask...

I'm also not very fond of mirrors...everytime I look into one I see S...not that I hate it or anything, it just catches me off gaurd. Okay, enough about me. Onto what happens; Or happened...

I was only 16. I hated school, even though I still had friends. Or people I can tolerate. I hated my family, even though they loved me. I hated it. I don't know why, I just do. Maybe it was like everyone says, like I'm overwhelmed I'll let them down. But, that's not it. I just...never liked direct attention, even though I really want it...what was wrong with me? I still don't know. Maybe, it's because I never socialized. Or because I never had an adventure. I've always wanted an adventure, something fun to happen to me...It's gotten a little better ever since everything...cleared up. It was a normal day at school. Well, if you even call my life normal. I'm going to continue on in my Pov...

•My Pov•

I was running, as fast as I could. I needed to get away; I'm not even sure what's chasing me, I just know it seven mouths? And it was completely black...I think. I was so focused on running I didn't notice the large tree root. I looked up just as that...that...thing charged at me. I shut my eyes, until I heard a faint beeping that grew louder every second. I relized it was my alarm and forced myself up in a sitting condition as fast as I could, to get out of my nightmare. I peeked my right eye open, and sighed in relief, opening my other in the process.

I slammed my hand down on the alarm clock. Hard. Oops, I think I broke it. Oh well! Time to get to school! Oh wait...why am I happy about that again...? I don't care! I sighed as I got up to get dressed. I just grabbed a random white tank top and a pair of jeans. I also grabbed my favorite brown hoodie. Even though it was kind of worn out, I still wear it. The stupid popular kids think I dress wrong, so they tease me about how I dress. And the bags under my eyes. I sighed and held onto the hoodie tightly. It would be great to escape everything...hey, I wonder how S is doing. 'S?' I thought to her. 'Oh, FINALLY! I thought you would never wake the f*ck up...'

I rolled my eyes. 'Complain much? It's not MY fault you always wake up before I do. And how many times have I told you not to curse!?' I my head. 'Oh please, you curse just as much as I do. And yeah, I HAVE to wake up before you. I just...have to I, SHUT UP!!!' I laughed out loud, but quickly covered my mouth. It would be weird as sh*t if my mom or dad...or younger brothers walked in, while I was laughing for 'no reason'. They would think I'm crazy! Which I am...but I don't want them to know that!! The thing is, I've known I was crazy for a long time. I just kind of lost hope or something when I was just turning twelve...but, I'm sure I could hold myself. I stayed at the photo of my older brother and I when I was only 5...I sighed, he just...disapeared one day, his name was Blake..... Everyone always disapears on me! I sighed, again. I did that a lot didn't I?

I walked downstairs and saw my brothers eating at the table. I'd rather not say there's complicated. I began to eat as fast as I could, but then started to slow down after I ate half the bowl of fruit loops. I began thinking again, of imaginary scenarios. It's a bad habbit. So bad, that I'll be in the middle of telling a story and I'll just...doze off. "shley...Ashley! ASHLEY!!!" Huh!? What!? I pulled my head up from my cerial, and saw my youngest brother trying to speak to me about something. "Huh? You know what. Stop. I'm trying to think..."

That's my excuse for when I don't want to talk to someone; It's always true anyway. I'd rather think then to talk to someone. And I'd rather talk to S. One of the main things I think about is being able to think up anything; like a dream! But, since I have nightmares ALL of the time, I could never do that...only in my thoughts. I smiled, and my brothers looked at me weirdly. I don't care. I'm always weird like that, they should be used to it. I walked over to the door, ready to leave, until my mom walked over and told me to hug her goodbye. I rolled my eyes inwardly and walked up to her and gave her a quick hug

As I was walking out the door, I saw the sun coming up, even though it was 7:25. School starts at 7:45 here. I don't ever wake up late because it's like I have been scheduled to wake up at that time; it's like my minds an alarm clock. As I'm walking down the block I see the park. Might as well go visit Sadie. Sadie is a little girl, she's...different. But, even though I don't like to admit it, I like her. She's...nice to me. She has long curly blond hair, and a light blue sun dress. No shoes, no socks, and...I make her wear a bracelet to hide her true form. But, let's not get into her story. I'll tell you that another time.

I make my way into the park and sit down, waiting for Sadie to eventually come. "Ash! Ash!" I felt someone hug my back. "H-hey! W-what are you doing!? Get off!" I wanted her to stay, because I enjoyed being hugged. I guess...I just didn't like looking weak. She giggled. It was...innocent-like. She was only, her giggles and laughs are only true to me. To anyone else...she was far from innocent..."Okay, Ashley!" She got off my back and looked at me. "Are you going to school? Can I come!? I want to come!! Can I!?" I smiled a little bit, but quickly hid it. I knew she saw it, I've noticed for a while that she could read my emotions. She could see through every lie. But, if she doesn't WANT to beleive it, she'll find a way to make herself right. But, that's the reason me and her she calls it.

"No, sorry. But you can't come with me." Even though I said it like that, she knew I was truly sorry. She stared at me for a second before putting a small smile on her face. "It's alright, I understand. Hey! Don't you have to go to school?" I looked at my watch and saw it was 7:38. "Oh, sh*t!" "Hey I told you not to curse!" She yelled at me. I grabbed my school bag and started to run out of the park, yelling  sorry at anyone I almost bumped into. I made it to school in five minutes. Two minutes to spare. I sighed in relief and began to walk to my class. I'm glad the 'popular kids' leader went missing, the populars have no idea what to do now. And they are waiting for they're leader to come back.

She went missing a couple of months ago, her name is Vivian Waterfield. We WERE best friends. But, apparently the time from diapers to 6th grade was when she stopped faking her friendship. When we were in fourth grade, the 'popular kids' liked her clothing style and suggested she be part of there little posse. We were only in sixth grade! And when they actually started to seriously bully people, it started with me. Now, me and Vivian HATE each other. But, she's gone now. Even though I hate to admit it, the only one that can hurt me like that is Vivian, which she already did, and Sadie. Fortunately, Sadie didn't do anything yet to make me sad.

I took my seat in the back of the class, like I usually do. It's the one in the back near the window. I love it because I get a great view of campus AND the teacher barely ever calls on the people back here. "Ms. Roberts." Hey, I said barely. D*mnit. I looked up seeing the teacher staring at me from across the room. The whole class is staring at me too. "Y-yes? I mean yeah, Ms- I mean Mrs. Brooke?!" I kind of shouted at her. Awkwardly. The whole class snickered at me, while I just stood there oblivious to why they were snickering. Mrs. Brooke sighed. "I asked you, what does E=?" Thank GOD for putting these in those t.v shows. "Um, E=mc square...?" I kind of questioned.

"Yes. That is correct..." Mrs. Brooke sighed, and began teaching again. Thank God, it's a miracle.


After the first couple of periods were over, it was time for lunch. Mmm...Lunch...lunch means! Snap out of it Ashley! I walk over to the Lunch lady and ask her for some of the...Mac and cheese with grilled cheese. The grilled cheese was always soggy, but the Mac and cheese was delicious. Mac and cheese is the bomb! I freckin' love it!! D*mn it! I'm zoning out AGAIN!! I walk over to the table that my best friend is at, holding my tray tightly. I'm just about to get there until I feel my legs get weak and I start wobbling, then I fell forward, basically throwing my food in the process. My legs...randomly give out sometimes.

I look up from my kneeling position, and see I've spilled my food all over one of the teenagers. It was just one of those stupid jocks. "Hey!" He grabbed his applesauce and tried to throw it at me. "Oh, shi-!" I dodged just before the apple sauce hit me, and it instead hit one of the girls facing the other way talking to her friends. She gasped and stood up. "Okay, who threw that!?" She yelled grabbing her milk and throwing it at the jock table. I knew where this was going so I quickly ducked underneath a table. I heard a males voice yell. "FOOD FIGHT!!!" I grimaced as a handful of spaghetti plopped down in front t of me. 'Is that even spaghetti!?' I thought. 'I have no idea. But, things are getting out of hand, a teachers going to come soon! Get out of the-'

Just as S started to warn me, the principle slammed the door open. I swear, I've never heard the cafeteria so quiet. "What is going on here!?" The principal belowed, angry. Sh*t. "Who started this!?" I'm so screwed. I thought. 'Well, f*ck...' S said. I felt the back of my hood being grabbed. I was now pulled out from the safety of the table. Looking around I saw everyone covered in gross food guts and milk. Ew. "She did! Ashley Roberts did!! She was the one who spilled her Mac and Cheese on me!" I stuttered, thinking of an excuse. I can't work under pressure. I felt myself fading away. What!? I looked around and saw everything...only...why can't I move my arms? Or my legs!? "Um, see Mr. Well, I didn't MEAN to drop my lunch," I felt my mouth moving, but I couldn't control it. S...?

"He just happened to be standing right there when I dropped it. And I didn't START the food fight. That was another kid, who yelled it. I even heard a male voice. I look NOTHING like a male. Even if I have a deeper voice than some girls." 'My' voice came out a little scratchier than it usually is. When we first started talking, in June 2014, she said that she would have enough power to take over my body. We weren't friends from there. But a couple days later, I made a deal. She could take over my body when I'm in bad situations, or if I allow her to do it. I also told her that if I'm ever in a fight, she could help out. She agreed, thankfully. But, this is the first time she's actually used her power.

I was surprised. The principal believed this bull sh*t! It course, since I KIND OF was the one who started it, the principal gave me two weeks detention and a call to my parents. Heh, the only thing good about them, is that they totally spoil me. I am definitely not in trouble for this one. They'll know it was an accident. If the Mr. Wells says exactly what happened. Hopefully, he'll be a nice man and do that. I felt myself being faded back into place. 'D*mn, that felt weird.' I thought. 'You'll get used to it!' I heard S say in a sing song voice.

A couple hours later, I was walking home. I sighed. This day...not a lot of stuff happened, but it feels like it did. I feel depressed for some reason...hmm. I stopped when I saw the park. I smiled slightly, and walked in, holding a bag of something. What is it? Mac and cheese...hey don't judge me...! Just because the Lunch Lady was cleaning up some of the food, didn't mean I couldn't take any! But, it also didn't mean I could take, too late now! I sat down on the bench, and waited for Sadie. She didn't come. Maybe she's late. Yeah, we meet here every day! She should remember we meet after school ALL the time...right?
An hour already passed and she hasn't come yet...I waited a little more. By a little more, I meant two hours. I sighed, thinking she must've forgotten.

I got up and began to leave before my mom started to worry, but saw a note on the tree. I decided it must be one of Sadie's old drawings, so I left. I basically ran all the way home, since I hated it when it was completely dark. I got inside, and saw my mom on the couch. "Hey, sorry I'm late..." "It's alright, sweety." Then, awkward silence. "Well, bye!" I ran up to my room, and slammed the door shut before she could respond. I sighed and turned my t.v on, watching some random sh*t. I ran a hand through my hair, but it was tangled. I got up to brush it in my mirror, but stepped back in shock. I saw blood red eyes, super pale skin, and dark grey hair.

That's S! I remember her from the dreams. She tilted her head confused, and opened her mouth to speak. "What the f*ck?" Oh, those are the perfect words to describe this situation! I blinked, and S was still there. No...what? I'm so confused right now. I felt my head pounding, and heard a slight static in my ears. I fell to my knees, holding my ears. I looked up and saw a As soon as I blinked, the man went away, and my head stopped hurting. But I still heard a slight static in my ears. I felt something drip down my face. I touched my nose to see it was bleeding. A bloody nose. Great.

I stood up, stumbling slightly, and went to grab a tissue. But, before I even grabbed it, something on my bed caught my attention. I walked up to my bed, and looked at it, shocked. There was a mask that had a base of violet. It had a patch over the right eye, but with an eye hole cut into it. The eye holes had a type of metal covering a piece of white fabric or something so that you couldn't see the eyes. I decided to try it on, and look in the mirror. But, before I wore the mask I looked in the mirror again. I saw I was back to normal. I smiled a bit relieved, but then relized that my nose was still bleeding. I grabbed a tissue and wiped away as much as my blood. actually smelled pretty good...I shook my head and threw away the tissue. I walked over to my bed about to grab the grab it, but the door slammed open, causing me to fall forward on my bed in surprise.

"Ash, it's time for dinner!" My youngest brother told me. I sighed and looked at him irritated. "Okay! And I told you to knock on the door before you walked in! How many times do I have to tell you that!" He apologized, and left. I sighed and walked downstairs, into the kitchen. The kitchen was pretty small, with a window near the table. I saw we were eating some burgers. Mmm...but then, I saw salad. Eww...suddenly I'm not hungry...I'll just..tell them that. "Hey, I'm not hungry...can I not eat...?" I asked slowly. My mom sighed and said okay. "But only for tonight. And remember to say goodnight to your father!" Yeah sure...I ran as fast as I could to the steps, climbing up them gorilla style. It's much easier, and faster! I finally got to my room, and saw the mask on the bed, like it was before. But, there was another item on my bed. It was a...metal bar? It had a circle with an x through it. I picked it up, and instantly saw it change.

Before I could see what it was, I dropped it out of instincts. 'Heh...maybe we should go to bed...' I didn't care what S said after that, I just felt too tired...I yawned and fell backwards onto the bed, moving the mask in the process, and throwing it on the floor. After that I instantly fell asleep.

The next couple days were rough. I kept having a feeling someone was watching me, and the nightmares were getting so bad, I didn't even bother sleeping anymore. I think my parents were worrying about my mental health. Sadie hasn't visited me for a while, now. I...urgh! Why is it so d*mn hard to...I DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!! 'Whoa, calm down there, woman! You're giving me a d*mned headache!' I heard S say to me. I growled, but sighed soon after. "Sorry..." I muttered under my breath. I looked in the mirror and saw S didn't bother me that much any more, but when someone else is in the room with me, and there's a mirror. I'll just spazz out.

One of the affects is me giving myself haircuts, and that could explain why my hair is kind of choppy and messy. I walked downstairs, hanging my head. The only thing I usually ate anymore, is dinner, desert, or fastfood. Occasionally a snack. I was pretty thin now, too...I looked down at myself and clenched my fists. Now, I think from the lack of sleep, I get really p*ssed for no reason. I barely respond when spoken to, also. My dad looks at me worriedly. "Ash, are you okay? You've been acting different..." My father asked. I sighed. "I'm fine." I get up, but my legs started to feel weak, so I held onto the wall for support. "I'll be fine! No need to worry!" I said, faking a smile.

He looked unbelievably at me, but nodded his head otherwise. I got up quickly and left. I saw the park and decided to visit it again. The only hope I have left is that Sadie will come to see me again. At first, it was just a one-sided friendship, but we slowly began to bond. With help from Sadie. I never did trust anyone...

I looked around and saw a little girl with brown hair, and a pink dress. I went to call out for her, but she ran away. I shook my head, and stood up. I just let out a long, frustrated scream. I needed one of those. I fast walked to school, still angry. You see, ever since that food fight day in school, people had been avoiding me. At least, more than usual. Even the people who actually tolerated me. 'I HATE people...' I thought bitterly. 'Oh, and who taught you that?' I heard her laugh kind of insanely. That made me want to laugh too, the sound of THAT kind of laughter. It's weird, you guys wouldn't get it. I smiled, even though people stared at me weirdly.

I was walking by the jocks in the hallway when I felt something wet being thrown on me. I looked over and saw the jocks throwing...pudding at each other. Why? I have no idea...I'llc never understand those guys. Anyway I gave them a cold glare and walked over to the girls bathroom. My hand was just on the handle when I heard speaking. And crying. I put my ear up against the door. I could only make out parts of the coversation. "an't beleive kidna..d....! Poor gi....Vivian....on the news...." Okay, so apparently Vivian was kidnapped? Well, okay then. I guess ONE good thing happened.

A couple weeks later while I was walking out of school I was dragged out to the secluded part in the park. It was the bullies, but without their leader. Obviously. "You kidnapped her didn't you? DIDN'T YOU!?" I felt S taking over, that I had found out she could do due to an incident in school earlier. You remember, right? I told S not too, and that I could handle this. "Calm your nerves, woman. Jeez, I didn't take your stupid leader Vivian." I said. "You liar! You took her, you will pay for this. WE will fight for her!" The person holding me tightened their hold. The girl who was talking, who I didn't even know the namenof, charged at me with a knife.

My eyes widened and I bobbed my head backwards hitting the girl in her chin. I had just dodged when she began to charge at me. While she tried to regain her balance I grabbed her arm and yanked the knife out of her hand, stabbing her. (Hey, it was self defence, she tried to kill me) Some of the girls tried to run, while the others tried to help their friend. I felt like I had to do it again, so I did. "Hehehe...I told you I DIDN'T take her...but, you didn't could've saved yourself a lot of pain..." I charged at one of them stabbing them in the chest. I loved the feeling of it. The adrenaline!

I did the same with the rest of the girls. I was probably going to get caught, but I started to run home. I needed more. Give me violence! The only other people I could think of were my parents. Not my brothers though. If I HAD to care about anyone, then it would be them. So, I went with the thought. I ran faster, looking around, seeing it was night time. Right now I would be having nightmares. I made it home and ran up to my room to change into something that would fit the mood, giggling. I looked over and saw the tall man with no face again. I know longer desired the need to live, anyway. So, I waved hi. He disapeared as soon as I blinked and left a grey bar on my bed.

As soon as I picked it up it changed into a battle axe making me freeze for a second. I put it down and it changed back into a bar, and so on. I smiled when I picked it up felt...right. So, I grabbed it seeing it change into a battle axe with purple edges, and the same symbol on my hand in blood on it.  I smiled and put it down, and began changing. I changed into a light brown hoodie, along with jeans, and dark blue sneakers. I picked up MY axe again and glanced at the mask.

I smirked and put it on, looking in he mirror. Even though the mask's eye holes were completely white, like headlights, I could still see clearly through them. I tightened my grip around my axe and  admired my look. I looked at the clock and saw it was 11:45 Pm. Too bad I won't hear their screams, since they'll be asleep. I walked into their room and looked at them sleeping. I mentally giggled. I went to touch my mother and father, but as soon as my fingers made contact with them, I was in an unknown world. I looked around seeing my mom and dad standing there staring at me with horror on there faces. I saw I still had everything I came in with. I heard S tell me something.

'Look dumb*ss, this is the dream world. You get to kill, hurt, scare ALLLL you want. And it'll all happen in the real world too. They'll feel all the pain. And the best part is, you get to see me!' I heard S stop talking, and I looked around. I saw S standing there with a smirk on her face. But, it was also in a mirror. I looked closely at the mirror. It looked almost as if she were coming right out- Oh sh-! S reached out of the mirror and looked at me closely. And smiled? She patted my head. She giggled insanely. "Make me proud, and kill those b*tches!" She went beck into the mirror and motioned me to go. "Well, what are you waiting for? Move it!"

I smirked. I walked over to where my parents, petrified with fear were. Same dream? Well, I probably connected them both when I touched them at the same time....? Eh, I don't know. And I don't care. "W-What are you doing? We cared for you! I love you! Don't do anything!" It's almost like they were prepared for this. What, have they been rehearsing or something? This is the worst speach ever! I raised my axe above my head chopping them up into tiny little bits. "Haha...hehe...hahaha! Hahaha! This...this is so...haha! Fun! I hope you have some sweet dreams! I sure have! Not! This is your nightmare! I'm a walking nightmare! Haha!"

I stopped looking down at the bloodied mess before me. I bent down poking one of the severed arms. "Hehe...Sweet dreams..." I turned around and looked at the mirror. Is that how I get back? I shrugged walking towards it. I looked into it seeing S gesturing me towards it. "Well, what are you waiting for?" I heard her ask. I looked back and my masterpiece, and then back at S. She had the same look as she did in the mirror. I smirked under my mask and walked into the mirror. I felt S entering my body again.

I looked around. I saw the same room as before, only the mess I made of my parents was on the bed. So it's true huh? Whatever I do there, affects them in real life. I heard heard sirens in the distance. 'What the h*ll do I do!?' 'I honestly don't know on this one.' I heard S speak. "Oh, yeah. Great advice." I spoke sarcastically. I ran to my room and locked it. My brothers room was right next to it. I won't kill them though. I don't kill kids, unless they really deserve it. I turned around to jump out the single window, hearing the door downstairs being pounded on.

I slid the window open and looked down, looking for a soft spot to jump. I saw the trash bins. Oh well. I might be spotted anyway with the amount of blood on my hoodie. I jumped and landed on the bags, not even making that much noise. I heard footsteps coming to the back of the house where I was, so I did the logical thing. I got up and ran, going to the park surrounded by the woods, where I used to meet Sadie every day. I made it there and ran into the woods as fast as I could, before I collapsed on my knees and held my head. I had this pondicherry headache and the static in my ears didn't help either. 'D*mnit! What the h*ll is this!' I heard S say over the static.

I took off my mask covering my hands in my face, and looked up slightly, still holding my ears tightly. I saw the tall man from before, holding out a note with the same symbol on my hand and axe on it. "Huh..." Was all I managed to say. 'Child, I have a question. But, do not fear me. For I am not here to harm you. Would you like to be my proxy?' He said? It echoed around in my head. I couldn't really think straight, and he seemed like me. I nodded once. 'Good. Child, your name is now Nightmare.'

::(Me: Okay, so I worked on this for 20 days! O.O Wow. Well, I would like some feedback telling me how it was. I actually think it was a little rushed at the end...But, that's my opinion. Oh, and the reason I made the mask like that was because I was representing that the one patch on her right eye, where her brown eye is, is the last of her sanity that she keeps for the children. (She said she would never kill children) And I notice there are grammar errors, but I'll fix that later. And jeez, 5474 words... Hope you like it!)::
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