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Creepypasta Oc Template
(Me: Did I miss anything? Eh, oh well. You guys can add on some extra stuff in the 'extra' section if you need to. Also, if you use this bio please give me credit for it and a link to where you use it in the description! I will...
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Nightmare's! Give them nightmare's! [NIGHTMARE'S ORIGIN (Me)]
::(Nightmare's origin, created by Nightmare. Copyright, this is my Cp oc, I created her, I drew her, and I did...everything else...if you would like to use her in a story or copy her story somewhere, please give me credit for i...
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Nerf Gun Wars
( Funny creepypasta scenario thing) Idk Why I'm doing this... I'm just really bored... so... you and I will be In this and a couple of the creepypasta characters~! It's just something I did to practice my writing sooo tell me i...
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