The Story Of Lucinda The Hedgehog

The Story Of Lucinda The Hedgehog

Discover the life of Lucinda and find out what made her into the tough hedgehog. Find out the past she has and how the past effects the future. I hope you enjoy her life story! :)

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Chapter 1.
The Awakening

The Awakening

Ark- During the development of Project Shadow

Professor Gerald's Point of View

In front of me, I saw the being we were trying hard to create. His lifeless body floated in the capsule. Hearing the door opened, I turned to the Black Doom. His tall floating, evil appearance was enough to scare me away; however, with his help, the creation of Shadow the Hedgehog was almost done. His three eyes glanced at the being floating in the capsule. Beside me was the machine to wake him up along with seven empty slots for emeralds to go in. Suddenly, Black Doom tossed seven emeralds in different colors in front of my feet.

Me: What are these things?
Black Doom: These are Chaos Emeralds. Use them to awaken Shadow.

Picking up the emeralds, I carefully placed them in the slots; however, they started reacting before I started the machine up. Backing up, shades of black rushed out of the Chaos Emeralds surrounding the machine. Darkness engulfed most of the area around us. Nothing could of warned us of the danger we had just unless, or the monster we were creating until I first laid my eyes on her. In front of me, I saw something I thought I would never see. I saw a hedgehog with red hair and black tips in a black top and black pants. Opening her red eyes, I felt the darkness seeping out of her. What was she?

Lucinda's Point Of View (Will be hers for the entire story)

Waking up, I saw in front of me a floating creature with two powerful arms and three eyes. His head wasn't normal, but two lines pointing out of each side of his head. The evil radiated off of every corner of this creature. The other guy appeared to be old with his grey mustache, circular glasses, and large rounded tummy. The old man seemed to be scared of me. Turning my head, I saw something that looked like me. Could this have been what awaken me? Glaring at the hedgehog, I noticed similar appearances with both of us. The thing that caught my eye was the inhibitor rings around his wrists that looked just like mine. Could his darkness be hidden deep inside him too?

Black Doom: Who are you? How did you get in here?
Me: I am Lucinda the hedgehog. I came from the Chaos Emeralds.
Professor Gerald: How did you get inside them?
Me: Well the Chaos Emeralds can hold a lot of darkness. With so much darkness over the years, I was able to be created. I guess something or someone was able to help me out of my slumber.
Black Doom: Interesting. Another one to add to my army. *Disappears*
Me: He shouldn't get his hopes up.
Professor Gerald: I agree. Shadow hasn't even awaken, yet. Other then that, my name is Professor Gerald Robotnik.
Me: So his name is Shadow, Professor?
Professor Gerald: Yes. He is going to be the ultimate life form.
Me: Wow. Where are we?
Professor Gerald: You are on the Ark which is in space.
Me: Space?! What is that?
Professor Gerald: I have to teach you a lot of things.

Glaring carefully at his wrists, I began more curious of this Shadow. The ultimate life form? I wanted to know more. What were his powers? How did they create him? What was the purpose for his creation? Lost in thoughts, I glared up at the old man who had grown more relaxed around  me.

Me: May I help you finish him?
Professor Gerald: Finish him? What do you mean?
Me: I would like to know more about him if you will let me.
Professor Gerald: Curious. I see. You will get along with her.
Me: With who?
Girl: Grandfather! Is it ready, yet?

Coming through the metal door was a blonde haired young girl with pale skin and wearing a blue dress. Her blue eyes seemed to be covered in happiness over what was going on. She called him grandfather. Why was this thing calling him grandfather?

Professor Gerald: Maria! I told you not to come in here.
Me: Maria?
Maria: Who is this, grandfather?
Professor Gerald: This is Lucinda the hedgehog. She will be helping us out.
Maria: Yay! A girl is on here now!

After Maria said that, she grabbed my hand and ran down the hallways holding my hand. This girl was quiet strange. She felt like she was lonely but so full of energy. As we ran down the hallway, she talked about we were going to do our hair and have fun. Doing hair? I had never heard of anyone doing hair. Entering a room, it was much plainer than I figured for a girl like her.

Maria: I Know it is a little boring, but this is my bed *points to a square thing with sheets of fabric on it* Do you know what it is?
Me: Not really. I've been stuck inside Chaos Emeralds all of my life. I only know who and what I am.
Maria: Well then, why don't I do your hair? We can talk. Here sat in this chair *Points do a circular wooden thing with four legs*

As I sit down, I saw in front of me another being that look identical to me. Crooking my head to the side, I couldn't understand what power could do this. Maria noticed my confused state and laughed. She then explained to me it is called a mirror. This thing was able to reflect what I look like. Then, Maria grabbed a small circular metal thing with a clamp that seemed to be connected to the wall. At first, I was a little scared, but after a while of talking, I began to relax with her being around. After a couple of hours of her telling me about the planet Earth, I noticed how great the planet sounded. Maria was amazing.

Few days later..

After a few days, I started learning so much of what was going on around me. Project Shadow originally is meant to be a weapon. With Black Doom's help, Shadow's creation became possible. Even though I thought his rings contained a darker side of him, I was wrong. Along with learning more about Shadow, I learned more about Maria, and how she saw the Earth.

Finally, Shadow woke up. His red eyes stared at us as he emerged from the capsule. The cold feelings radiating from him was unmistakeable; however, Maria didn't care. Running up to Shadow, she wrapped her arms around him and smiled.

Maria: Hi! I am Maria.
Me: Maria, be careful.
Maria: Oh, Lucy! Don't be so worried
Shadow: Lucy?
Me: It's Lucinda. Don't forget that, Shadow.
Shadow: How do you?
Professor Gerald: We all know your name, Shadow. I am Professor Gerald. Don't feel scared.
Shadow: I'm never scared
Maria: Good! Come on, Shadz! Let me show you around.
Shadow: Shadz?

Holding Shadow's hand, Maria ran outside with Shadow. That was the day everything started for all of us. The closer we became friends. A family. We learned Shadow wasn't as cold as he appeared, my powers were stronger than the Professor feared, and Maria dreamed of returning home, but this was only leading up to the day that would destroy us.

One day, Professor and I were working on trying to discover more about my powers. A few tests had begun, but so far the darkness destroyed each test. Suddenly, we heard gun shots. Bang. Bang. Footsteps kept grower closer to us. Faster. Jumping in front of him, I stood ready for what was coming through the door. Men with guns kicked the door down.

Soldier: Gerald Robotnik, you are under arrest. Destroy everything.
Me: Professor, get down! Dark Fury!

Jumping in the air, shots of darkness shot out of my finger tips knocking out the guards blocking the exit. Seeing the guards on the ground, I looked at the Professor. His face showed fear creeping out of each corner.

Professor Gerald: Take the Emeralds, and get Maria out of here.
Me: What about you?
Professor Gerald: Just go.
Me: Professor, thank you.

Listening to the Professor, I grabbed the Emeralds and ran. Never turning around. Only on my goal to find Maria. Running faster, I saw them running towards the escape pods. Behind me, I heard footsteps of boots coming closer. Grabbing Maria's hand, Shadow and me smiled pulling her closer. However, when we arrived at the pods, Maria had a plan neither Shadow and I knew about. Two escape pods stood in front of us. Trying to pull Maria in one, we were tricked. Maria threw Shadow in one and me in the other.

Footsteps grew closer and closer. No. Shadow and I screamed for Maria to let us out. We begged her. Neither of us wanted to lose her. She was a ray of sunshine in our lives. Glaring at her, I saw tears falling from her blue eyes.

Maria: Both of you guys were like family to me. We will always stay close. Remember both of you have powers that can help people. Protect everyone in this world.
Shadow and I: Maria!

Maria stood by the red button when the soldiers came in. One soldier had a gun pointed directly at Maria no hesitation at all, but when she pressed that button, a shot fired from his gun. Red blood oozed out of Maria's chest as she fell down to the ground lifeless gone. The best girl in this world, the sunshine in our life was taken away from us. What were we going to do now? Everything we knew about was gone.

Shot from the ship, our pods became distant. Shadow's pod went straight down to Earth while I drifted away into the darkness. Only to sleep for over fifty years until I awoke again in a new chapter in life from a watery grave.
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