Azure Striker!

Azure Striker!

It's my first story! So please read! :3 I'll be writing a story about where my name and fame comes from. Gunvolt: Azure Striker for the 3DS! LOL! The I'm just as famous as the game! (Which is not very XD) The game is real btw, so look it up! Enjoy!

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Finding The Muse

Finding The Muse

"So, you refuse to give up any information, terrorist?",
The 14 year-old boy just sat tied in a chair, shivering.
"Perhaps another lash of the electro-whip will make you talk!" The man giggles, "Heheee. To bad, how old are you boy?
Did Q.U.I.L.L pay you big bucks to destroy our muse? Too bad...we moved our virtual canary on a freight train on outta here."
Crack! The whip slams and shock the boy, who's shaking like crazy........BLAM!

"Wow, your lips are way looser than mine! Thanks for the recharge, I needed that.", the boy teased as
sparks flew across the room.

" way! You shouldn't be able to talk, let alone move!" The man wailed, "The electro-whip pumped
enough electricity to-"
"I -AM- electricity." the boy said, patting his own blond hair.
"Th-that azure light....." The man gasped, "You're Gunvolt! The Azure Striker!"
"Ding ding ding! We have a winner," Gunvolt said as he walked out the interrogation room, "GV to base-open the line!",

~"Base here! Good to hear your not dead, GV.",~
"Not this time Moniqa. Update the params, the muse has been moved to a freight train. I'll destroy it-I'm in pursuit now!"
~Moniqa replies, "Negative, I'll scan for a while to make sure it's not a trap-"~
~"Judgement overruled, Gunvolt, you're free to engage."~
"Thanks Asimov."
~"Asimov, it really okay to go in unprepared?"~
~"We don't have much time Moniqa, besides, we'll have Zeno in support position, right?"~

Yet another voice is heard over the radio-

~"You got it boss man! That is, if Geeves actually decides to let me help, right Geeves?"~
"I'll take it under advisement." Gunvolt replied, now hurrying towards the round elevator.
~The radio is static, but hearable as Zeno replies, "Really? Aw, thanks Gunvolt, now I feel loved!"~
"Gunvolt out!" Gunvolt reaches the top of the elevator-pivots-BLAM! BLAM! Gunvolts electro-gun makes short work of the turrets at the top.

~Alright...~, Gunvolt thinks to himself, ~I'm almost there~.

Chuuu! Chuuu! Tickety tack! Tickety tack!

The blazing azure boy jumps down from the building right on top a car attached to a locomotive.
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