The new girl.

The new girl.

Yandere loves Senpai. Everybody in the school have, except Pippi Oui. Every girl complained to Senpai, but Yandere~Chan. Senpai did not love any of the girls who confessed. But one day, a new girl joins their school. Senpai acts a little differently... Does he love her? Does he love Yandere? DOES HE LOVE ANYBODY?

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Chapter 1.
The girls.

The girls.

Yandere decided not to kill, that day. "Maybe I should stop," she suggested. "I'll only make Senpai not love me. Now, should I change my looks kind of to like the weird purple curled girl? I never got her name... But she seems like a 10 year old in High School." Yandere put her finger on her chin, while thinking.
She saw Saki and Kokona talking. She decides to tip toe over to them. She shyly put her hands behind her back, and slowly walked to them. "Um, you alright?" Said Saki, turning her head sideways while watching Yandere walk.
Yandere giggled. "Oh im okay! Thanks though... Um, I'm Yandere~Chan! Nice to meet you." She greeted herself.
Saki smiled at Yandere. "Ooh! Cute name. My name is Saki. Want to talk with us?" She welcomed.
Kokona shook her head. "No, Saki! I was kind of wondering... If I can tell you my... Senpai... Privately." She said, looking down. She never wanted to hurt Yandere.
"Who is your Senpai? Tell me!" Yandere said, kind of madly. She pound her fists up and down, evily smiling.
"Uh... I don't know you too well to tell you, Yandere. I am sorry. It's just I just want to tell my best friend, Saki." Kokana nervously said.
Yandere turned head, while it popped. "Tell... Me..." She demanded.
Kokona sighed, and walked away. She stopped walking, and began to ran. She was getting a bit creeped out of Yandere.
It was Friday. Osana stood by the tree. She watched Yandere be creepy, with out a single blink. "Ooh. Hehe, seems to be Yandere must love somebody in this school. Senpai? Mhm. I'm going to introduce myself." She walked step by step, to Yandere and Saki.
"Go talk to Kokana. We'll talk, for now." She said, while curling her oarnge curls with her finger.
Yandere smiled, knowing this was going to be bad. But she still answered. "Hello. I am Yandere~Chan." She introduced herself.
Osana laughed. "I'm Osana. But call me... RIval-Chan! I am your love rival! Face it, Yandere! You love Senpai! And Senpai loves me! We're perfect! But you both make a cruddy couple! So back off, dork face!" She demanded.
Yandere~Chan faked cried. "I don't love anybody... I was hoping we could talk on top of the building... But since you're my rival, we cannot talk... Thanks a lot, Rival~Chan..." She slowly walked away, while dragging her feet.
Osana followed her. "Oh im so sorry! Shall we go talk this out? On top of the School?" She asked, smiling.
Yandere clapped, and ran there. Soon enough, Osana and Yandere were peacefully chatting. Yandere smiled. "I'll get us some more tea!" She said, with a good idea.
Osana nodded. "Okay, get me some ice too!" Yandere didn't have tea, because where did the tea come from? Maybe at the Cooking Club, or maybe from Senpai... Don't ask how.
Soon enough, she tip toed back. And threw Osana off the building. She screamed, as she saw Yandere's face grinning. "YOU DO LOVE SE-" Yandere poured blood on top of her. Making it seem like she tried to murder somebody. Although, Osana wasn't alive.
Kokana walked up to Senpai. "Oh, Senpai. Will you go out with me?" She asked, giving him a gift.
Senpai had a rough day. A F- on his Test. He sat under the Cherry tree. "No," he yelled. "Take it away! Throw it away! I don't have love for you!" He demanded.
Kokana ran away, crying. She cries for the rest of the day. Then, Saki came over. "Do you love me? Because I love you. And maybe we can..-" Senpai interrupted her.
"No! Go away! I don't have love for you! Or Kokana!" He yelled.
Saki slowly walked away, waiting for him to Change his mind. But he didn't. Amai was the Uknown girl Yandere never knew. She chased towards Senpai. "Oh Senpai! Will you go out with me?" She asked, with a great big smile on her face.
"No! Go away! I do not wish to see your Uknown face again!" He demanded.
Amai ran away, and cooked to make herself get cheered up. Oka grinned. "He never accepted anybody... But now me..." She said, walking to Senpai.
"Wanna talk about demons?" She asked.
Senpai shook his head. "No! Never! Is that some kind of date, you Ghoul? No!" He said.
Oka walked away, to go summon demons.
The young school nurse decides to talk to Senpai. "Got any boo-boos, my boo-boo?" She asked, winking.
"No, and im not yours! Go away!" He demanded.
Everybody who loved Senpai was more sad than ever.
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