The Teenage Rebel

The Teenage Rebel

Name is Camel, yeah I know weird name right? Blame the parents not me. I'm only 14, and a freshman. Little bratty I got to admit, but hey what else would you expect from a girl who lives my life? Although, I'm not describing my appearance, just imagine the prettiest girl you ever saw and make her...prettier. Anyway, you want to know my story? Read.

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Chapter 1.
Day 1: introduction

Day 1: introduction

Tuesday (after school)
So here it goes, little self-explanatory but I don't give two hoots. Okay, so I got 2 brothers, a mom, and a dad. My grandmother from my Dad's side lives with us. Long story short, my family is very imperfect, older brother Caden, 16, is a player with the girls and doesn't do well with the school. Younger brother, Albert, 13 is a snob, intelligent but antisocial. My Dad is almost never home, my mom well. She's into shopping... Let just say if I or a designer Chanel bag is in a risk if danger and she can only save one, it would be the bag. She absolutely despises us.

My mom met my dad in a sort of Romeo and Juliet situation, my father's family was into banking, my mom's had own thousand of companies and was filthy rich. I know whatcha thinking, " why doesn't she just put you children to adoption center?" Well, dad wants to have kids, and he might be the only thing Mom will give anything for. I have no idea how or why it just is. My grandmother isn't one of those sweet and pinches your cheek grandmother, she absolutely despises us. Her only purpose to live with us was to keep watch of her precious "son", my dad.  My dad was the spoiler if I call him and ask for something, my wish is immediately granted, only I get No when it's moving SOME people out of the house. If you know what I mean...Oh! I forgot to mention, we live in a three-story mansion! Yeah... I'm living the dream.

When it was near lunch hour, I dropped by my favorite room in the entire mansion, the library, for some new books to read. The room look like something out of a fairytale. The large wooden double doors opened to a beautiful and classical styled library. Several brown pillars stood between the enormous stained glass windows, each with a wooden desk and matching chair facing toward it. There was rows and rows of bookshelves on each side of the library and a spiral staircase in the left corner of the library leading to more and more books to read. Many of them were from 1800s. The previous owners must've been uninterested in them considering they were all covered in dust when my family first move in the mansion. In the center of the room was a fire place and on top of it was a arched stained glass window of a picture of a rose. A huge golden chandelier shimmered and sparkled from above, giving the room a very yellowish tint at night.

      I was exceedingly upbeat. I found my little brother, Albert sitting at a table with tons of books all piled up on top. "Lay off the books will ya? It will fry your brain." I said. " Hello to you too sister, and even if I had my brain fried I will still be smarter than you by a mile." He retorted. I sneered and went back to search for some books. " What are you reading anyway?" I asked trying to lift some tension which is not often. " I'm reading this magnificent book titled " None of your Business" by yours truly, Albert Stanton!" I rolled my eyes. "How about you your highness?" He asked with a fake polite voice. " Snow White and the seven dwarfs" OH! Hey! Look there's you! Right there! Guess who!" I said with fake excitement. "Prince Charming" He answered with no doubt, only confident in his voice. "WRONG! It's Grumpy, are you sure you are Albert Riles? I must see your ID!" "Ha ha very funny Ms. Diva." " Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week." I joked.

When I walked down the hall to my bedroom I bumped into my brother ( the older one) making me fall. " Watch it you brat." He snarled rubbing his head. "Nice to see you too Caden, where are you going? Huh? To some innocent teen's bedroom?" I snapped " That's none of your concern." He retorted. Caden walked off without even offering a hand for me to stand. What I Prince Charming I thought with sarcasm. I dialed my father, "Hello honey, how are you?" Greeted my father after the first ring "Dad! The brothers are being jerks again!" I whined, " oh no! I will talk to them at night, what can I do to make it up to you Cookie?" Replied dad, " Well..... Can I have the new I-Mac laptop, please? Everyone has them!" I begged "of course, anything for you, especially my heart." " aw grows dad! I'll talk to you later?" "Oh... Uh... I have to work late today... I have some issues... Maybe tomorrow?" " oh..Okay. I'll talk to you soon, bye..." I spoke trying to hide my disappointment and hung up before I heard dad' reply.
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Good story
Thank you! It's still developing, but I'm glad you liked it so far!
on January 11, 2016
on July 09, 2015