Sword [Lelouch x Ellie]

Sword [Lelouch x Ellie]

There is a new emperor named Lelouch. Electra is his empress. All the world's hate is focused on him. This is the sequel to Empress, a requested sequel. **MAJOR SPOILERS** Warnings: blood, violence, death, sadness. This story will punch you in the feels.

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        The procession traveled through Area 11, newly crowned Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia sitting atop his throne and his empress, Electra, whom he was to officially marry soon (they already were truly married; it had taken place privately), standing beside him. Young Nunnally vi Britannia was chained and wearing a revealing dress, at a lower platform, and restrained members of the Black Knights being paraded ahead toward their executions.
        Ellie was afraid, afraid of what the world would become, with her childhood friend-turned-dark mastermind ruling it. He had it all under his control, and she didn’t know if she would be able to protect the people or not. “Lulu…” she whispered. Yes, she was able to speak now, after a rather expensive surgery paid for by her husband. The brunnette glanced over at him, at his handsome features twisted into a cruel smirk.
        *”All hail Lelouch! All hail Britannia!”* shouted the guards, making her shiver.
        Lelouch’s smirk faded, being replaced by a cool and regal look of disinterest. He remained silent, his eyes scanning the crowd.
        A figure appeared on the horizon, in the middle of the road, with a frightening-looking sword. He or she was clad in the outfit of Zero, they were even the same height, or almost. He charged at the float of the Emperor and Empress, dodging many many bullets and getting past Jeremiah Gottwald, the man who’d said he would stop Zero, and leapt onto the place where Electra and Lelouch were waiting.
        The young emperor reached out and took his wife’s hand reassuringly, and something flashed before Ellie’s eyes. Those lovely brown orbs widened at what she saw, the strange scene unfolding in her mind.
        As she was processing this, Lelouch released her hand and stood, holding up a gun. Zero knocked it out of the ravenette’s hand.
        Ellie saw Lelouch as himself, the Emperor, and Suzaku Kururugi, in his Knight of Zero uniform. They stood in a dark room, Lelouch holding the mask of Zero. They talked about a plan, a plan to forever rid the world of war and usher in a new era of peace, and Suzaku received the mask.
        She was pulled out of her stupor by a small splatter of something warm on her cheek, and blinked and saw Lelouch, the sword through his middle and covered in red spreading from the blade. He fell forward onto Zero, and Zero removed the sword and turned to Ellie.
        The woman shook and hugged herself, then opened her eyes and looked at the masked man with a calm, cool glare. “I understand now…” she murmured, and Zero ran her through, and she slid to where Lelouch had already fallen, where he was holding his little sister’s hand for the last time, and she took his other hand and kissed it.
        In unison, they closed their eyes for the last time, reaching for each other.

        Two lights, one purple and one yellow, appeared where the world began, very close to each other, and moved toward countless other lights of different colors.
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