Finding Fate :Undertale FanFic:

Finding Fate :Undertale FanFic:

This is my self insert fanfic that I wrote and it's kinda cheesy but I had fun writing it. I may buffer it in the future and/ or add more to it.

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Chapter 1.


Life is all like a game. We gamble the choices and make brash decisions. We all have experience and are on level. We gain and lose health throughout life. The difference being that there is only one life; no resets. If we die, then it's game over. Done, just like that. Somehow, we all still take risk. Challenge ourselves and test our limit; either out of curiosity or bravery. But I've been told that bravery was the same of stupidity.
Maybe this is what has brought me here today. Hiking on the mountain trails and simply trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. I really didn't mind the city, but after being there for so long it felt nice to step aside and enjoy the quiet nature.
My mind turned over these thoughts as I trekked around Mt. Ebott. True, this very mountain held many myths and lore, but I had always found them interesting. The same way I felt about alien and ghost stories; and that's how the monsters felt to us. Something that some believed were real and some do not. I try to think that there was a possibility that they could exist, but my family had grind that idea away a long time ago and every so often, it would return.
Wishful thinking, I guess.
Something new was always...refreshing. Speaking of...
I stopped for a moment as I reached the top of an incline that I was walking up to take a quick break. It was a cool late winter's day but after the little hike, I was being to sweat underneath my sweater.
Well, I guess why that's why they call it a sweater.
As I shrugged my backpack off, I removed a water bottle and took a few sips before placing the cap back on. I could already see the city at the mountains base and the beach beyond that. It really didn't take that long to get this far since the park at its base had plenty of short cuts to get to this point. But the trails end at the halfway point anyways. No one, dared to go any higher. Maybe this is what urged me to go on. Even just a little bit more.
With everything back in place, I dared myself to go a little further. Just a little higher.
I stepped off the path and the sound were that of the trees breathing their leaves crunching under my footsteps. The sky above full of clouds and little specks of blue peeking through them. It seemed later in the evening than it really was. I was about to turn back, but then I noticed something out of place.
A huge archway leading into a cave, around it was signs and graffiti. I edged a little closer. Many of the signs said:

And so on...

I was hesitant for a second. I'll get close, but not too close. Stepping around the signs, I walked up to the mouth of the cave. A gentle breeze blew from it. I peered inside to see the cave's floor to drop off after a couple of feet. A chill runs up my spine imagining how far down it goes.

“What are you doing?”
I jumped at the voice and spun around to see a little girl standing there wearing a green and yellow shirt. I was about to reply but she cut me off.

“Are you going to jump?”

She said with a small smile. Why she smiling?

“Um, no...” I answer back. “Were you following me or something?” I questioned when I realized that I didn't think that anyone had been on the trails, let alone a small girl. She simply shook her head, still smiling. Then...she must have been already...
She saw that I was contemplating how she was here in my head and stepped a little closer; her smile growing larger.

“Maybe I can help you.”

“What do you mean by he-”

She lounged forward and shoved me backwards towards the gaping hole behind me. Desperate, I reached out to grab onto her to keep myself upright but as soon as I caught hold of fabric it vanished within my grasp. She simply disappeared. Shock and dread hit me as I tumbled backwards and falling onto my back, on the edge of the drop off.
I let out a deep sigh of relief. My head and shoulders barely over the edge. I tensed a little so that I could slowly bring myself back up. I placed my hands beneath me so that I could push myself up. As soon as I put all my weight down on my hands the soil under me gave way. With a yelp of surprise, I tried grabbing onto something to keep from falling, only to grasp thin air.
Weightlessness took over and the sound of wind rushing filled my ears and I plummeted down. It seemed like everything was in slow motion and that I have been falling for hours until I hit the bottom. It knocks all ounce of breath out of my lungs. For I moment, I struggled for air. Vision blurred for a second, and I heard myself wheezing from the lack of oxygen or the pain, I wasn't sure.
After a few seconds I was heaving in as much air as I could manage, with my hammering in my chest and ears. I slowly laid back on the ground, which was covered in little yellow flowers. I instantly recognized them as buttercups. I rolled over onto my back and stared up at the hole I just fell from. There was no way to get back up from here.
I sat up slowly, my stomach aching a little from the impact, hoping I didn't break anything. As I stood, I looked around and saw large pillars that seem to be crumbling. The room that I was in was basically closed off except for a single hallway to my left. Left with no other choice, I walked in that direction.
It leads to a large archway with a symbol above it. I took a few seconds to study it before continuing. After walking through, it opened into a fairly large room and another archway on the other side. As I was about to walk across a little flower popped out of the ground in the middle. It smiled at smiled at me...

“Howdy! I'm Flowey. Flow- Wait, where are you going?” It said cheerfully then irritated. I was walking around the edge of the room, avoiding the talking flower at all cost.
“Hey! That's rude! I was talking to you!” he, I'm guessing, growled.
I slowed to a stop, somewhat agreeing that it was a bit rude.
“Sorry...I just haven't seen many talking flowers before.”
“Well, I am the only one that truly speaks his own mind around here. Say you're new are'cha?”
I nodded my head, “Do you know how to get out of here? I have, things to do and places to go up there.” I was being honest.
His grin was in size, “You REALLY are an idiot, aren't you? First, you walk up this cursed mountain, then you ask when you can leave? Ha, you really are a joke!”
I flinched at his words and shook them off long enough to ask, “What do you mean by that?” Trying to keep my voice level.
“Haven't you heard the story? You pathetic humans nearly destroyed us! Then as even worse punishment, sealed us all down here. One way in and no way out!”
My eyes widen at the statement. So, all those stories...they were true? That would mean, that I was now trapped down here under some old spell? The I began talking before I could stop myself.
“Why would the humans do that even though the monsters were basically harmless? Isn't this kinda overkill?”
Flowey laughed at that, a very disturbing laugh at that.
“In this world, IT'S KILL, OR BE KILLED!”
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