They were nearly human... So close. But, as the two "sisters" soon realised, the world did not favour them. A futuristic fantasy-action story revolving around the newly-discovered planet New Earth, two "sisters", and their dangerously high status.

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Prologue - The Choosing

Botfair technology fair, Louwesea, New Earth, 2078.

A serious looking man sat down at the table in the unassuming, rectangular room. Out of all of the architecturally outstanding buildings available in the Shade district, one of the biggest technology companies of the time - NewAnim - had chosen a tiny, barely furnished blank room. There was a long aluminium table in the middle, with plain black chairs arranged around it. At the end, there was a simple holoscreen and digital annotation board... Old technology.
The man raised his eyebrow at this. NewAnim always had the flashiest gear, the newest innovations, and must-have business tools. And Botfair certainly had many beautiful facilities to offer, including wrap-around 3D simulation rooms and even underwater glass offices. So why this tiny room?

"Mr Chapple." A younger man nodded in greeting as he sat down beside the old man. The younger man had slicked-back light brown hair, and a tight-fitting suit.
"Ah, Keith Davidson. What a pleasant surprise." The old man smiled a little at the young Mr Davidson. "Please, call me Don."

But before they could say anything more, three uniformed adults walked out. There was one tall, slightly thin man, and two very pretty females - one had a small, upturned nose and short blonde hair, and the other had long brown curls.
"Here at NewAnim, we're invested in the future. And with a new world comes so many opportunities." The holoscreen started up as the man spoke, stepping out of the way for the lady with the short blonde hair.

"The human race's constant desire for exploration combined with this whole new world to explore -" a hologram of the mapped areas of New Earth sprung up as she spoke "- we have been pushing further and further into the East of this new planet. With this, we have discovered many new materials to make our androids, automatons, cyborgs and prosthetics... Among our usual technology, of course." She smiled politely, glancing coolly over the room, eyes dipping and searching through the small crowd. She gestured for the other lady to walk over.

"Now, the moving times require a fast-paced business. And that's why we're here today; to unveil our newest technology. Ladies and gentlemen, ready yourselves, because you're about to get the shock of a lifetime." Unlike the blonde woman, the brunette seemed more excitable - she had a barely restrained smile, and she tapped impatiently on her hip with her long blue nails.

The man stepped forwards again. He seemed very prideful and held himself higher than he did earlier. Don leaned forwards, stroking his slightly bearded chin with interest.
"Here at NewAnim, we have created our two newest androids yet... Meet Dee and Beth." He placed his hands on the two ladies' shoulders. Small gasps and murmurs of shock weaved around the room.
"Every single one of our androids are unique - like humans, they have different personalities and looks. No single one is ever replicated." A smug smile spread across his face. "Any questions?"

Keith leant over to Don, and whispered "They look like they could be related to you."
Although it was meant in jest, it planted an idea in the childless, sterile, single Don's head.
An idea that would change the future of New Earth forever.

And he called the NewAnim representative over.
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