Song of Harmony

Song of Harmony

This is a story me and a couple friends made on a page I had called the story game. So far, unedited, this story divides into two separate parts that happen around the same time. So, to prevent confusion, I will tell you this.

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Chapter 1.
The Beginning

The Beginning

NOTICE!!!! I did not create this story by myself. Go to my page, The Story Game, to find out who else, by the way FABULOUS PEOPLE, who helped me create this wonderous story. Please give them the credit as well. The picture on this page is of Bluebird, if you haven't guessed it yet! Thanks! ~Acacia

In the dawn, a sun rises, regaining it’s power stolen from the moon. Everything is quiet, birds chirp, and dew lay on the petals of flowers. Today was beautiful.
This peace has yet to end… as a creature walked upon grass, it’s body glowing with dark power. It’s eyes flickered uneasily, surveying it’s surroundings. Something wasn’t right. The creature breathed deeply as shadows trickled down it’s body, proving to be feminine. Her eyes closed, focused on the dark liquid.
She swayed, her mouth opened, and out came a voice. Deep yet gentle, her melody filled the air. The wind carried the song, going through forest and meadows. Figures in the distance stood, silver lining what they wore. She winced as the birds went quiet. Clenching her fists, she slowly opened her eyes and focused on something far away, unable to be seen. A smirk played on her lips as the wind pushed against her, the cool air against her face.
The gentle sounds of footsteps carried away in the wind, as the creature was enveloped in shadow.
The birds chirped in harmony as she sang. Bluebird, one of the singing birds, flapped furiously against the strong wind and sighed, knowing he couldn't fly.
A dove fluttered near, flying against the winds. Tired, it fluttered near the tree branches. Landing was an effort, but it made onto the shelter of the tree.
Bluebird saw the dove and somehow managed to fly towards it.
"What are you doing HERE? Aren't you supposed to be somewhere else? You're too elegant for this place!" He said, poking fun at the dove.
The dove chirped in surprise and fluffed out her feathers in annoyance. "Twas my fault, it is not, it is not. My nestings I have left to rot."
An owl of white flew by and laughed at the dove's words. "Why do you rhyme foolish bird?"
A fox of grey scampered beneath, enjoying freedom.
The dove sighed, and she stretched her wings. "It is how we speak where I am from. I have a message from my queen; I must deliver it before the moon has risen."
The owl looked down and saw the fox, 'Hmm, what a strange sight.' The owl flew down and perched near the fox, fluffing out his feathers to expand his size.
Frey, as she was known, warily looked at the owl. "What is it you have need of me?" said she, padding back and forth.
"One that speaks the voice of the elders... very impressive for a fox of your age." The owl hooted, as the dove looked down from her perch
"Age has no meaning if one is of a good heart and a soul of silver," Frey stated as she drew herself up.
"Bluebird, come away from them at once!" Red, his mother called.
"Yes mother. But you very well know I cannot fly!"
Red scoffed and flew over to him, protective of her son.
The dove cooed to the mother bird. "Do you know of Sparrow? I have a message for that is he.”
Bluebird tilted his head towards the sparrow who was taking flight to get home before the wind got stronger.
The small chickadee perched silently on the branch some ways away from the other animals, watching with interest. Bluebird whistled to his friends and chirped happily until the strong wind went away.
The dove sang a small song as she spread her wings and flew away against the wind. The owl watched silently, taking in it's sight. Frey started to run off, as she had a friend to speak to. The owl, curious, followed the fox through the trees. She heard a faint sound, and she could feel the air buzzing, whispering in her ears, and she knew she was being followed. Realizing this, Frey dove into a hidden hollow log in the blink of an eye, coming out on the other side, which was completely different. The owl's ears perked, sensing movement in the brush. A small mouse scurried, squealing as the owl swooped down and snatched it up.
The fox sensed that her pursuer had been distracted for the time being, so she stopped to take a rest, drinking from a quickly running creek.
Sylva, the chickadee fluttered against the wind to follow the owl and fox.
Bluebird saw the fox in its hiding spot and frowned, landing on the log.
Dove landed next to Bluebird and cooed
"Why are you so blue? Like the sky?"
Bluebird frowned at the ignorant question.
"And why are you so white, like the snow?" he snapped. Realizing the rude comment he made, he shook his head and sigh. "Sorry..."
Frey sensed something behind her. Turning, she saw two birds perched on the log she had come through.
Dove fluffed up her feathers slightly, hurt by his words.
"I forgive! You may not understand intentions that are my own." She chirped, masking the hurt.
The fox sat quietly, watching the little exchange. Amusement glittered in her eyes. Bluebird tweeted as he forgotten about the mystery in the wooden log.
"Oh dear, I am forgetful. The creature in this log, what is it called? It had such beautiful fur, warm like the spring days when the sun is beaming on my backside...where is it as well?" Bluebird searched for the critter desperately, envying its silky fur and eyes that were frightening yet comforting.
"Oh my... little Dove... You've been busy, haven't you." An eagle of massive size landed next to Dove, it's talons digging holes on the perch, causing the bark on the log to crumble slightly.
"I'm almost done! Promise Promise!" She squacked, shaking in fear. The eagle looked at Bluebird in disgust.
"What a tiny bone faller. I almost mistook you for a moth!" He said, grabbing Dove in his talons. "You mustnt forget your duties Dove! I will be forced to remove you from messenger. permanently." He threatened, squeezing her tightly. Letting go, he flapped off, his powerful wings causing twigs and branches to sway.
Bluebird was pained and scoffed.
"A rude and prideful thing, isn't he? I shan't be called such things that aren't the truth about me!" Bluebird noticed a young deer and gracefully flew over to her, resting his tired feet on her back.
"Why hello there!"
Hazel, the young doe entered the clearing, her head seemingly too large for her young, frail body and her eyes much too big for her head. She stepped cautiously towards the log and then turned to glance at Sylvia, the chickadee who had begun singing.
The owl flew by the doe and perched close to the chickadee, closing his eyes. The small, bubbly chickadee looked up at the larger owl, curiosity blooming in her small, young eyes. The owl of old age looked upon the young chikadee and said,
"What a beautiful song you sing, pure one."
The chickadee's feathers fluffed with happiness.
"Thank you, O Wise One." She chirped, hopping from one foot to another.
Dove flew over with Bluebird and landed quietly on the doe's head.
"Why hello one of young!" She chirped, looking down towards the doe. The doe, trying to look up at Dove murmured a quiet,
"Thank you for your song." The owl hooted back, pleasure in his voice. Dove fluffed up her feathers, happily enjoying the sun. Bluebird notices a nicely shaped shrub of a handful of blueberries in front him. Bluebird had a huge fetish for the plump, sweet, yet tart fruits.
"I wouldn't recommend eating those," he lied. "They're poisonous."
Dove said
"No, they are not! They are sweet and bitter with a twist of seed! Perfect for something like me! Yes, Oh Yes Indeed!" She cooed, in her song of rhyme.
Bluebird scoffed.
"I suppose. I got sick from them last time." Bluebird whistled a melodious tune with was soothing to hear, the music like sweets for the ears. "My mum taught me that."
Dove purred and sang her delight in her own song. The young chickadee continued singing in a clear chirp. Bluebird smiled as the third sang in harmony. Their voices rang through out the woods, and echoed through every cave and hole, bringing out other animals who wondered where the glorious music was coming from.
Frey noticed that none were paying attention to her, taking the chance to speed off.
Hazel, the doe, looked at all the creatures in wonder, having never seen so many in one place. A crotchety old badger whom had heard all the clatter clambered out of his cave and glared at all the animals. Dove glanced at the badger and flew down to him, chirping happily.
"Hello! Why Hello! My furry Fellow!" Hearing the scrambling underneath his frail blue body, Bluebird's head tilted and looked into the log. The badger, who we'll call simply, Mr. Badger, shook a dismissive paw at the white bird.
"Dove! Chickadee! Why must you all create such a clamor!" The chickadee, upon hearing this, fluttered down.
"Mr. Badger, sir. I beg your pardon...?” The old badger, disgruntled and wronged by old age cried out in an angry tone and swatted at the smaller creatures around him.
"Begone!" He cried. The doe began stumbling away, frightened of the elderly animal. Sylva, the chickadee chirped at his behavior disapprovingly.
Dove continued to sing as she talked, her voice ever so melodic.
"What is wrong, beast of earth and one of Turf? What has wronged your mood and attitude?" Dove puffed her feathers out, saddened by his mood. "One of old age musn't be kind if you are one of a kind. The chickadee chirped an agreement,
"Yes. Yes." Badger growled loudly and stumbled away.
"Indeed! ALAS! The moon is full! We mustn't stay out too long! The Eagle will surely prey on us tonight.!" Dove exclaimed, "Follow me, young chickadee!"
The owl flew off leaving the others left behind. A screech echoes through the night, hinting hunters in the area (eagles).
The chickadee flapped off with the dove, fearing for her life. Dove landed inside a hollowed cavern, one big and wide, perfect size for even bears!
"Chickadee! Why not bring your friend?" She asked, invitingly. The cavern was warm inside with many hollowed spaces, perfect for nests. Bluebird followed them, even though his name wasn't called. He struggled to flap but still did.
     "Alas! My friend! I forgot you haven't tasted the poverty of the winds!" Dove apologized to Bluebird, flying towards him with quick speed. Chickadee ruffled her feathers.
"Wh-which one?" She asked, still shaken from the mad flight.
"Chickadee, your friend, the deer of pure!" Chickadee nodded.
"R-right. Fawn. She should be somewhere." She chirped as she launched back outside in the direction of the young, stumbling doe. "Fawn! With me!"
Dove cried out as she saw the shadow of a hunter flying past over the trees.
"Quick my friends, quick! I'll distract it!" And with that she flew up into the cold night air. The hunting bird gave a mighty screech and dived at Dove, it's talons outstretched. Dove dived into the small forest, ducking and weaving through small branches, the hunter breaking the twigs with it's powerful wings. Chickadee and Fawn raced back to the cave.
"Dove!" Cried Chickadee.
Dove dove downwards and upwards, changing her flight patterns as quickly as she could, but try as she might, the hunter was getting closer and closer. A talon clamped down on one of her wings, crushing the fragile bones hidden beneath the feathers. The hunter slowed as he dove closer towards the cave. He landed with Dove underneath, holding her down by a wing. He hissed through his beak,
"Peace is over, peace shall not reign in this world anymore. Bye Dove." The eagle raised it's wings preparing for the final blow. Dove closed her eyes and waited for her fate. But it never came.
The creature! Who's melody raised the wind appeared and seized the eagle's wings. She threw it into the shadows, it disappeared as quickly as the creature came. The creature bent down near Dove and mumbled coherent words, and touched her wing. She felt strength go through her, as she got up and hopped into the cave. The creature smiled and once more disappeared, the way she came. Chickadee screamed as she saw the hunter about to deliver the final blow to Dove and squeezed her eyes shut. But when the hunter didn't come after her next, she opened her eyes to see a healthy Dove lying in the cave.
Bluebird sighed. Dove was alright! He flew over to Dove and chirped happily. Chickadee stared at Dove, in shock at the events that had occured.
"Are you two hurt?" he clicked nervously. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Rain! Rain was Bluebird's weakness. "Oh no! I shan't fly in this horrid weather? What are we to do?" he cried. Chickadee looked at the sky, seeming deflated, her bubbly energy gone.
"We shall die out here and join our ancestors of the earth." She chirped halfheartedly. Then Fawn spoke for the first time.
"Jump onto my head. I can take you to safety."
Bluebird whistled.
"Good luck has come our way! Chickadee, help me with Dove, please." He heaved Dove onto Fawn's head. He enjoyed the warmth and the dryness of her fur, envying it secretly.
Chickadee held Dove firmly onto Fawn's head while snuggling into the soft, lush fur.
"This should be safe enough." She chirped, having lost her energy. Even
Her feathers seemed drab. Fawn began walking.
Bluebird sighed, wondering how his mother would feel after knowing he wasn't there for dinner. He didn't care. He was on an adventure. Riding on the magical beast's head, who walked leisurely into the chambers of green lushness. Chickadee slowly dozed off, her head nodding up and down as Fawn continued on down the path.
"Almost there." Noted Fawn, in her young sounding voice, as she continued on her trek into the wild foliage. Bluebird knew night has risen, inviting him to rest his head on her plush fur and relax. But he couldn't. His frail body shook and trembled in fear, now going paranoid as he saw shadows up above that look like an eagle's.
Morning came on a warm shaft of sunlight, waking the animals up from their needed slumber. Dove awoke happily, knowing that they were all together.
"What a night! Oh what a night! I have given my friends such a sad fright!" She sang, waking them all up. "With her heals and with her might, the Goddess has let me live for another night!"
Bluebird's eyes woke up to the mighty rays of light that peeped into his little corner he slumbered in.
"Morning already? Aye...what a night indeed, my fellow friend." he chirped gleefully as he warmed up to the sun.
"She watches over us all! Wings of Gold, and spirit of light is she!" Dove puffed out her chest, spreading her wings. "She blessed us with her love!" Chickadee chirped her agreement,
"Yes yes! Yes indeed!" She then flapped and fluttered about. Dove happily stretched her wings, the sun melting the morning dew off of the ground.
"What adventure awaits us today, my friends? And what's to eat? I'm famished." Bluebird's tiny stomach roared like a lion cub. He wanted to sink his beak into a juicy, tart, flavourful blueberry. The juices of the blue ripe fruit would dribble off of his mouth. He imagined this and drooled. Dove exclaimed,
"I know not! But with the blessings of Creature we shall live on!"
"Hello young'ns!" The owl exclaimed as he flew in, back from a night's hunt. In his talon he held a large branch of berries. Blue ones.
Bluebird warbled with glee. "Greetings, Wise Owl of the Forest! It is a pleasure seeing you this beautiful morning."
"Greetings to you as well, Bluebird! Chickadee and Dove! I've heard from the winds that flow throughout the trees of what has happened! You are safe! I've brought you all some berries! From the ripest patch, I took them from!" The owl said, happily sharing. Bluebird's eyes sparkled as the blue fruit crossed his path. He dug his beak in a blackberry, juices sticking on his bold blue feathers.
"T-Thank you!" he spoke while eating. Dove pulled out from eating some of the berries, her face feathers tinted purplish blue.
"Very bitter! Yet berry sweet!" She sang happily, enjoying the fruit. Chickadee nodded at Owl in respect.
"Thank you, Great Hunter of the Wood." She chirped as she nibbled at her berries.  Bluebird finished his breakfast and sighed. What was this journey about? What was its meaning? Why was he even here? Was he just a tag-along? He cooed sadly and hid back into his corner. Dove noticed Bluebird and waddled over to him, concerned. "Bluebird... why are you so blue? You are the color of water, and of sky, please my friend, do not cry..." She cooed softly, gently nuzzling him. Bluebird huffed, accepting her warm feathers fluffed against his.
"Nothing, dear Dove. I am fine..." he lied, rubbing his head against hers. Dove cooed, knowing how he felt.
"Silly, silly, Blue... Don't cry. You represent nurturing water, and the sky..." She sang softly, her voice growing melodic. "You shan't die, you are part of my song.... and tis you I long.... for."
Chickadee glanced around at everyone else; Owl, Bluebird, Dove, and Fawn. They all had their strengths. Dove was brave, Bluebird was loyal and courageous, Owl was strong and wise, and Fawn had the courage of a lion, what did Chickadee have? She thought herself too pathetic young. Soon she began cooing and singing an old, ancient song of the wood.
Dove and chickadee's song grew as one as the wind started to blow, the trees and sky almost alive. Bluebird tweeted and joined in on the song and wrapped a wing around Dove. He felt loved for once. He was always the underling of the nest and never been liked at all. Dove kept singing along the others, throughout the day. The sun brought warmth and happiness as they all sang and ate. Bluebird abruptly stopped as he saw a blue blur whiz by at what seemed like the speed of light. Father! He only knew one bluejay that could fly that fast. He shrunk into the shadows. His father's name was Tealwater.
Tealwater noticed his son with a white bird and stopped in mid-air. He flew back into the hollow and perched on the entrance. "Where is Bluebird? I demand to see my son you have taken as a hostage!"
Dove looked at the blue bird that resembled her friend. "Hostage? What do you mean bird of speed?”
Chickadee shrunk away from the larger blue bird, even though she knew not who he was. Fawn, on the other hand, gazed at him intently. Feeling protective over Sylvia, Dove fluffed out her feathers, to appear much larger than she was. The thankful chickadee threw a glance at Bluebird and snuggled up behind Dove. Fawn took a step towards Tealwater and cocked her head to the left.
Tealwater scoffed and puffed his chest out arrogantly. "Do not play games with me! I will hurt you if you do not surrender my son!" He saw Bluebird in the corner, quivering like a mouse trapped by an owl.
"I-I am not leaving, F-Father...! I c-came here willingly, to help my new friend on their journey, even if it means risking my life! I am not going!" He sighed in relief as his shrugged.
"I do not care if you die or you are hurt. You are no longer my son. I do not want to see you at my home, our with my children. Good day." Tealwater flew away, careless that his son's life could end. Dove was lit with a rage she never knew she had. She screeched at Tealwater, which sounded out as a roar. Her words rumbled through her chest, like a thundering storm. "H e  i s  e v e r y t h i n g  t o  m e ! ! ! ! You dishonor your pathetic kind!" The owl's pupils shrunk slightly, surprised at Dove's bold words. Chickadee squeaked and flapped over to the owl, attempting to hide in his wings. "IT has taken over Dove!" She all but screeched, thinking back to an experience she had as barely a fledgling. Fawn turned her gaze to Dove. "Such bold words for one so small." The young doe mused. Bluebird cooed gently, wrapping his wing around her body.
"'Tis is okay! I will fare well without a unloving father! 'Tis is alright, my love." he chirped, nuzzling his head against hers.
Dove stopped her screeching and quivered in rage. After a short moment, she looked towards Chickadee and cooed softly. "I'm so sorry, my dear friend... I couldn't control my anger..." Chickadee calmed her quivering feathers and hopped onto Fawn's head. The young doe then looked at Dove, to the retreating form of Tealwater. "He is a stupid prideful one, he is." The owl hooted, his eyes unclear.
Fawn looked at the owl. "O Wise One of the Forest, you are surely one to blame." She murmured, almost to herself. "Isn't everyone stupid in a way?"
"Indeed, indeed.." The owl laughed, his voice hoarse in age. Dove looked towards them and said,
"I'll be right back, I need to get something." She took off quickly leaving the others behind. They looked as she disappeared quickly.
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What happened to the story of awesomeness..?
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One thing: Frey's not a wolf, but a fox. I know it's probably a typo, so I'm sorry.
I'll fix it!
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