Ally Jones The Daughter of Apollo (a Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Ally Jones The Daughter of Apollo (a Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Ally has always been a cheerful and lovable girl, (but not when it comes to her annoying brother)and also a great warrior, but when she finds out that she is the daughter of Apollo, she must learn to live with this new found life.

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School Day

School Day

        I walk to school with my backpack hanging from my left shoulder.  I look at the many flowers planted around the schools road.  I walk up to the school doors be careful not to stub my toe as i opened it.  It is easy to stub my toe seance i always wear open toed shoes.  I walk into the hall way to see that i am early.  only a couple of students are there either talking with friends or making out with someone.  I walk to my locker and open it up.  I take off my back pack and stuff it into my locker.  I grab a peanut butter cup i have been saving for a week and eat it.  I am still savoring my last bite as i walk into my class room.  I take a seat and immediately pop in my ear buds and listen to music. I take advantage of my peace and quiet and think of anything that will get me through the school day.  As i drift off i begin to worry about my mother.  she has to deal with me and my twin brother all alone with no one else to help her.  I continue to worry till it hurts and i move on to puppys and chocolate.  Soon the glass walks in and class starts.
"Ally why did you leave with out me"! i hear through my music.  I pull out my ear buds.
"What"? i ask
"you left me i had to walk alone" my brother complained. He was always the worrier.  No matter what it was always, can you help me, and I don't want to do it alone!.  My mom always said that he would grow up to be an accountant or something, i don't doubt it.
"you still there" my brother says snapping me back to reality.
"what..oh yeah" i say "you weren't ready so i just left"
"you made me walk here alone"
"i'm sorry, but you should be able to walk alone by now your 13!"
"yeah and still small enough to get kidnapped"! he says practically yelling.  I roll my eyes.
"your fine i'm sure you can do it again tomorrow right"?
"again! bu-"
"Please tell me you'll grow up"
"but kidn-" he starts
"ya i guess it's only a block away what could go wrong"?
"thanks now go take your sea" He walks to the back of the class and i'm glad that i could get to school earlier now.  I am a nice person, BUT when it comes to my brother James, i can't help but be annoyed.
"ALRIGHT CLASS HOW ARE WE DOING TODAY" my teacher yells trying to get our attention, which works because we all turn to her."please open up your math text books to page 235" she continues.  I open up my book to the correct page.
        School end quicker then i thought and i rush home.  I left earlier then usual thanks to James's easy to agree mind.  I walk into the house.  I get a few moments alone before James walks through.  He automatically walks into his room and starts home work while i watch what i can find on TV. Soon my mom walks in from work looking exhausted.  
"how was work"? i ask
"good" she answers
"is working at a restaurant hard"? i ask and my mom smiles a heart warming smile.
"not as hard as you think"
"good the doctor said you shouldn't be working to hard"
"i know what he said"
"yeah right you never pay attention" i laugh and my mom joins in. It is the best moment I've had with my mom in years.
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Good. A LOT of grammar mistakes (my inner Grammar Nazi is screaming). Otherwise, nice concept and character! Keep writing!
on December 02, 2015