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What are you most excited for in 2016?
It's almost 2016 so i was wondering, what are you most excited for?
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I NEED HELP! what should i get my BEST friend for Christmas?
please help me, it could e something DIY or just something that is cute or AWESOME anything i just need HELP!
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who are some famous people you share a birthday with?
for me personally some of the celebrities i share a birthday with are: Molly grey: from teen beach movie two (giggles is her name in the movie) Meg Deabgles: a famous youtuber i love to watch and Zera Phillips: royalty (of engl...
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is black even a color?
Please tell me! it's been annoying me, and i don't know if it counts or not.
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What Is Your Favorite Book? (2)
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what are Katniss's children's names?
please tell me it's driving me crazy!
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