Bloodstained Groom

Bloodstained Groom

A CP story in the making. Kazlen Easton is a Creepy Pasta Character who committed suicide on his wedding day after murdering his cheating wife. Now he haunts the town as a ghoul murdering any couples who dare cross his path.

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Chapter 1.

Tale of Crimson Kaz

"You said you would be my friend forever. You lied!”


The wind blew across the grass, the lush greenery waved and bowed between the standing stones.  Flowers were upon many of the graves. Roses, gardenias, mums and carnations and many colours too. Though one colour of flower was never left, white roses. If such a bouquet was left on a gravestone, the very next day it would be gone.  It is said there is an angry spirit that haunts the graveyard who hates the sight of a white rose. The townsfolk believe it was the spirit of the groom of Bonnie Dale.

Anyone could walk through the graveyard in the day time, but at night not even dogs dared to tread inside those walls. What was worse, is that any couple that got too close to the graveyard would be found dead the next morning.

It’s been years since the last homicide, now it remains to be quiet. Though the white roses always still disappear.

Chapter 1- Youthful Blood

“Hey. Kaz you awake yet?”
“Go away. Its daylight you bloody fool, I don’t wake and don’t plan to.” Kaz grumbled rolling over in his coffin. William sighed, he was a ghost who was stuck in limbo in the cemetery and has grown attached to Kaz becoming a close friend to him. “Maybe you should try and come out in the day time.” He added.

Kaz opened his coffin slightly, “Are you daft? I would be killed. Sunlight drains my illusion powers and with my luck I would be turned to dust. No thank you. I’m sticking to the darkness.” With that said the coffin slammed shut. “Gesh. You are such a keener in the day.”
“Don’t make me move your gravestone to the local trash heap.”

William threw his hands in the air. “Alright lad. You’ve won and made your point. Honestly though, don’t you strive for a change? Wanting something different?” It was silent for a few moments. “Every day Will. Every day I wish for it but alas it will never come. We are but allies of the darkness and despair.” Will touched the coffin. “But, it can’t be just that. Maybe one day we could have more.”

“No, it’s hopeless fools who think of foolish dreams as such as that.”
Leaving Kaz alone William drifted among the graves. “I wish a kindred spirit could come and break this rut we are in. Free us from this eternal hell in which we dwell in.” He heard humming and looked over to a group of people. A coffin was being lowered into the fresh grave as the crowd of mourners overlooked it. The humming came from a little girl who was skipping through the graveyard. Her hair was red, very much like Kaz’s. Her eyes were as green as the grass, her pony tail bobbed along as she hopped pass the graves. She looked up at William. “Oh hi there! How are you?” Will was in shock that she was able to see him, but also the fact that she didn’t run either. “I am doing swell on this bright day. I am sorry for your loss little lass.”

She smiled up at him, “It’s ok. I’m not sad. Uncle Jasper is in a better place now! No more pain. What’s your name Mister?” William couldn’t help but smile back. “My name is William.” Another sunny smile broke across her pale flawless complexion. “That’s a nice name. I’m Diana.” Will kneeled close to the ground. “That’s a nice name Miss Diana.”  She twirled around in her black dress. “See this dress? Mommy bought it for me to wear today…but I hate black. Its gross.” Will chuckled watching her. “So, what is your favourite colour then? Pink?” She frowned and wrinkled her nose. “Ewww. Nope. White.” A smirk spread across Will’s face. “My friend likes white too.” Diana looked around. “Your friend?” Will pointed to the tomb. “His name is Kazlen. He won’t come out because its daylight though.” Diana looked at Will sadly, “Is he afraid of the light?”
“I’m afraid so.”

Diana hopped on the spot and started running to the tomb. Will’s eyes widened. “What are you doing?” She turned around and giggled. “I’m gonna show him it’s not so scary out here.” Oh no, William thought in fear. “Diana! Don’t go in there!”
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