The story of Chad pt. 1/3

I know you know I know you know that you want to know about Chad, who knows about you knowing you want to know about him... This... Is his story... DA DA DA! ! ! !

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Pt. 1/3

The story of Chad pt. 1/3
_______________________________________( . )( . )________< no those are not boobs! they're eyes! prev..._________

Once upon a time... Wait this a story about Chad, not some stupid f*cking fairy tale. Anyways, ON WITH THE STORY!!!! Chad was born in the land of awkwardness and stupidity. Chad, unlike any other in the land, was actually smart and his job in the world was showing morons where the door was... Boring? Yeah, I know... One day chad found out he had powers and flew to the planet Earth. On earth he enrolled in a school for really smart people but was kicked out for being a smart-Ass... Chad, getting tired of Earth, flew to a different world, a world where he found one of his most valued friends...

Chad landed on the soft gold hole ridden ground lightly. "Is..." Chad said, looking at the ground. He sniffed in through his nose. "This is cheese..." he pulled a piece of the ground off and bit into it, tasting the cheese... He spit it out. "BLAGH!! Disgusting!" He yelled throwing the cheese back at the ground. Just then a sound came from behind him and a spear was aimed at his head.
"Who goes there?! Ham soldier?" Said someone behind him, holding the spear that aimed at the back of his head.
"Um... No, I'm Chad..." He said, turning around to see a person made out of cheese, also hole ridden.
The soldier looked Chad in the eyes before lowering the spear. "I am a Loyal Guard of the Cheese Kingdom... If you wouldn't mind I would like to know who's side your on?"
"What? What sides are there?" Asked Chad, confused by the soldier's question.
The soldier looked at Chad, surprised. "The sides... Cheese vs. Ham... Who's side?"
"Um... Which is the good side, for justice and all the pretty goodness?" Asked Chad, wondering how good the ham people looked, or tasted like for that matter...
"The cheese side..." Said the soldier, raising his spear to his side and standing proudly in place.
"Then the cheese side of course!" Said Chad, gesturing towards the soldier. "Lead the way to the Cheese Kingdom please..."
"Of course!" Cried the soldier, walking towards a castle made of cheese in the far distance.

There were about fifty soldiers in front of the castle at the door and a TON of cannons up above in the air on the large wall around the door of the Cheese Kingdom. With the soldier with him Chad got in as easy as opening your mouth... Seriously, it was that easy, no one bothered them, every once in a while another soldier would look at Chad weird or asked the soldier with him about him but they left him alone. Chad looked into a room on the left of one of the longest halls ever, seeing another person just like him...
'Another person who looks like me?' Chad thought to himself, wanting to talk to the stranger but kept walking with the soldier instead.
As they got close to the dining Hall where the King was Chad starting thinking about how the King would look...
'Really buff? Really fat?' Chad thought but once he saw the King... His mouth flew open, his jaw hitting the floor.

(End, for now.)

(Haven't completed pt. 2/3 and 3/3 yet. Be done soon. Btw this is one of the first stories I've ever made, no hate please. Hope you like it, hope you think it's good, and hope you can't wait to read the rest! Mmm... Sorry I'm eating some chicken nuggets and they are really good... Yes, I'm going to be talking like this, about what I'm doing every time I make a story... Lol )
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