I'm Chad... My best friend is Jazzy J. And I'm hoping to make friends, be sarcastic, and make u smile and giggle like a little old school schoolgirl...
Name: Chad
Gender: male
Powers: flight, breathing in water and space, and fireballs.
Age: 16
Personality: Care-free, smart @$$... Don't believe in friendship anymore from past events.
Skills: sword, pistol
Weapons: sword in his right hand, pistol up-side down in his left hand, his deadly accuracy. See More▼
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Survival RP
You're trying to survive in a world that has just suffered the apocalypse. There isn't much for you to live off of, and you need to do whatever to live.
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The story of Chad pt. 1/3
I know you know I know you know that you want to know about Chad, who knows about you knowing you want to know about him... This... Is his story... DA DA DA! ! ! !
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on January 30, 2015