Scary nightmare creatures

This is all the scary creatures that can be feautured in stories of mine! They are all real! Or at least, I will trick people to think so. Of course they're fictional, but only in here I will tell it is, others will get the lie, but for good reasons and you can read this story to find out why it's good reasons! More creatures can come up in the future! I still have a long time to live! :-D And if you want to, come up with your own as well (share them too if you want to) ^^

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The creatures

1, Gasitox: reason for creating it: to scare everyone from smoking so no-one dares to smoke!
About gasitox: for billions of years it was just harmless monsters that couldn't do anything. They where made of some kind of a gas that didn't do any harm, until just recently not very long time ago. When humans started to smoke. It's the tobaco! The tobaco makes the gasitox dangerous! Tobaco in the form of an cigarette. You have to smoke it in order to make a gasitox the most dangerous creatures in the entire multiverse! It absorbs all poisonous smoke and gains horrible superpowers. It can give it's victim a horrible case of cancer! A very slow and painful cancer!

2, kuajoya: reason for creating it: to scare stupid men from mysterious female creatures so no-one dares to rape innocent girls!
About kuajoya: scary creatures that don't show they real selfs until it's too late! They come in form of innocent girls, could be of any age but mostly young girls! They are great actors who likes to pretend to be innocent girls who struggles from their life when they got caught by a man (or someone else in some rare cases) and when the man knows the least the kuajoya strikes!
A scary worm with sharp theeths lives in her va (+ "Dirawi") that can bite the mans (you know what) and eat it whole, especially when he sticks it in, in that case it will be extra painful! And the worm can also penetrate in to the victims body where it eats him from the inside without killing the victim directly. No, kuajoya wants a slow and painful death! The worm lays eggs where small worms get borned and gives it vicitm a coma where he stays consiosness about what's going on while not being able to move. Meanwhile the small worms sprouts poison that makes painful marks that itches, and since the victim can't move, he can't scratch himself!
The kuajoya can reveal her hidden nails! Nails that are sharper than a sharp knife! She scratches the victim without killing it! She can do a lot of horrible things with her victim that will get him nightmares until he finally dies. She doesn't let him die by all the poison or anything else she do with her victim! No, she waits till her victim dies of thirst or starvation!

3, negroots de namu: reason to creating it: to scare stupid people so they don't dare to shovel away the rainforest!
About negroots de namu: they are evil demons in the rainforests! They live in trees! Watch out for cutting down a tree where those demons live in! They will hunt the victim and catch mostly the one who took down the tree! Then the demon let dark, black roots grow all around the victim, turning him/her into a tree! Inside that "tree" the demons throws the victim into a horrible maze of nightmares! He/she will face tons of nightmares in there that is a huge maze with only one exit!
But watch out! If someone happens to cut down that tree where the victim is trapped inside, the exit will no longer exist and the victim will be trapped forever, and the demons refuges to let the victim die! If the victim dies, the demons just keep reviving the corpse to let it live through more nightmares, forever and forever again!
So what do you say? Do you wanna shovel the rainforest? Getting trapped in nightmares? Making someone who is innocent get trapped forever?

4, Ichisan sanana: reason to creating it: to scare the A(doubleS)holes on the internet so they don't dare to be mean through internet!
About Ichisan sanana: They are horrible creatures that can't shift into humanform, that's why they use the internet to catch their victims! They are masters of mind control and as long as they don't get offended by anyone they will show mercy. But from time to time they got mean comments and it's then they will attack! Through internet they catches the victim into a brain-controlled coma. Once caught the victim can't control anything and Ichisan sanana can do anything they want with the victim and they do horrible things! They make the victim hurt himself, plauge himself and in some point suicide in a slow and painful death! So as long as you don't have mean comments you're safe from them.
Another mind-control trick they have is that they can trick the victim to think that they're writing to someone they know but they actually write to ichisan sanana, so you better watch out, doublecheck what you wrote, to whoever you write to!

5, Trabachakyo: reason to creating it: to scare idiots that bullies pupils on school so they won't dare to do stupid thing anymore!
About Trabachakyo: Scary creatures that lives in the school and watches every corner over it! They're mostly friendly though but sometimes they see someone getting bullied, and it's then they will strike! They catches it's victim and marks him/her with a mark! Marked victims are forever trapped into trabachakyo's scary dimension where the victim are getting pulled in, forced to allways work for all the creatures in there! Once the victim are supposed to have free time he/she will get pulled in to the dimension and once he/she have lessons he/she got thrown back to reality and this repeats for eternity!
And so that no-one in the reality will notice anything Trabachakyo will take their places and walk around as the victim. So if you walk with a friend that have been a bullier once upon a time might possibly be a trabachakyo watching for whatever you do!

6, Garbazilla: reason to creating it: so that no-one dares to throw garbage on the ground!
About Garbazilla: Creatures that mostly and usually are invisible and can't do any harm at all! But there are some type of food that gives them power and kill anyone nearby! That "food" is trash that are spread on the ground and wich is why humans have invented the bin! If you throw the trash in the bin, not the ground, garbazillas can't get any power. The trash mutates them into bloodsucking creatures that sucks your blood till you have too little blood and you're dead! Then they replaces blood by sprouting in a venom that will melt it's victim into a liquid soup and drinks the victim like a delicious soup!
For some unknown reasons the Garbazilla's seems to be afraid of the bins placed by us humans wich have puzzled biologists for centuries! So you better throw the garbages into any bin or else they can get you and drink you as a soup!

7, Pocketrillaz: reason to creating it: so that pocketthiefs doesn't dare to steal your stuffs in your pockets!
About Pocketrillaz: They live in pockets and love its owner, it also love the stuffs the owner gives to it to play with. He/she is very careful to not damage whatever is in the pocket and if there's a phone he's very careful not to change anything on the phone so it will remain peace between the owner and the creature. However, if a hand comes down that he doesn't recognize he will analyze the hand. First a dna-test, is it a familymember? Then he checks the brain of his own owner, does he/she know the person that got his/her hand into the pocket? If so, Is he/she friendly or not? Then, pocketrillaz checks the brain of the plausible thief, is he/she really a thief? Once the unknown hand comes down pocketrillaz grabs the hand but not before the dna-test, the dna-test will just take 0,005 seconds for pocketrillaz to do so it will go fast anyway! Then it will just hold on to the hand till the final test!
Once it has confirmed it's a thief he/she will strike! It will first swallow the entire hand and will chew the hand with a salive made of corrosive acid! It will be painful and the thief will take of the hand just to try shaking of the creature but a pocketrillaz won't let go and neither does the hand, not directly. The creature won't let go until it sees something hard like asphalt, concrete or metal. When the creature notices it the creature will force down the hand and when it touches for example the asphalt pocketrillaz will let the hand grow back again but with different substances! The new hand is a lot harder and will melt into the asphalt where it will get stuck in the asphalt. Then, pocketrillaz will do the same with the other hand so the thief will be stuck unable to escape. Next, the creature will use his/her claws to cut and dig on the thief making pockets on the thief himself/herself wich will be really painful! Then it will lay eggs into the "pockets" where baby pocketrillaz will jump around and play till they grow up and eat up the thief from the inside! They tend to save the most important organs lastly to keep the thief alive as long as possible letting him/her suffer a really long time!
So to all pocket thieves out there: Do you really gonna steal more stuffs from pockets? Getting stuck on ground and being eaten from the inside, dying an extremely long death!
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