Do You?

Do You?

this is a poem that I came up with one day. i really hope you like it!

published on June 10, 20149 reads 9 readers 3 completed

Do You, Can You?

Do you hear the wind racing through the leaves of the moon-lit glade,
do you hear the wolves' lonely cry,
do you hear all of the glistening stars falling to Earth,
do you, can you?

Do you feel the weathered pebbles of other worlds under your bare feet,
do you feel the bark of lost trees,
do you feel Everything, but also feel Nothing,
do you, can you?

Do you taste the forbidden fruit of an infinity of unknown yesterdays past,
do you taste breezes long ago forgotten,
do you taste all of space itself(for you know that time does not exist),
do you, can you?

Do you smell the sweet, sweet sorrow of all mortal and immortal beings,
do you smell the gentle rain,
do you smell the crisp wind that rushes by,
do you, can you?  

Do you see faces of those no longer in our forlorn realm,
do you see the wonder in this planet,
do you see that sight is the least of our senses,
do you, can you?

If you can, the Beyond is around you,
if you can, the Now fills you,
if you can, the Long Ago remembers you,  
Can you, will you?
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Comments (3)

on June 21, 2014
thanks, i worked really hard on this poem and im glad u like it
on June 12, 2014
Wow, this is amazing!
on June 11, 2014