FNAF Headcannons

FNAF Headcannons

This is where i copy over the fnaf headcanons because I don't want the storage quota to run out 0-0 (Not my headcannons)

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Chapter 1.
Headcannons 1

Headcannons 1

---Foxy--- (FNAF 1)
Foxy is the only robot who is "good", and he was deactivated by Freddy in '87. The reason is that he caught a pe*o in the act, and attacked; because harming customers and going against programming is against the rules. The restaurant covered it up by calling it a "freak" accident to avoid panic over a "living" robot, Later, Freddy re-activated Foxy, and replaced his voice with an awful scream. This was done to prevent him from warning the guard about Freddy.
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