A New Life

So I wrote this in the fifth grade because it was an assignment that we had to do based off a picture, and I figured that I'd post it because...idk. I can.

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The New Fogbottom

“Where are we going?” I questioned. “You’ll see” he responded, yet again. We went up on a neon yellow, orange, and pink bridge, guiding us with a blood red lantern. I looked around nervously. “ Don’t worry, no one will see us. I nodded calmly, but in my head I was screaming, WHAT!?! Everything else is black, white, and we’re colorful?! “Hey,” he said softly. “the lamp is an ancient magical artifact, and is the oldest thing in the world. It created us and abandoned us, leaving us a light and a schooner.” Astounded by the story, I looked for the schooner, but didn’t see anything. “ No.” he said. I turned and looked at him. He swung his lantern three times  and slowly the orange and purple schooner appeared. “Child, I am Captain Tory and this is my ship. Her name is Fantasmical Graydoug  .” Captain Tory said. “the last three things the lantern taught us were how to show respect, good hospitality, and most importantly, humor. You will now be my son instead of a dirty old street urchin.” I looked up at him with hope in my eyes. “My name is Maximilian, but you can call me Max. I don’t have a last name, though.” “My full name is Tory Y. Fogbottom. Since I am your father now, you are Maximilian Q. Fogbottom.” He kneeled down and took my face in his hands. “Maximilian, will you take me as your father and live in the Fantasmical Graydoug?” Captain Tory asked. I studied his narrow face and thought. I thought about my life, abandoned on the streets, begging for a morsel, a crumb of food or a sip of water. I thought about how people shoved me out of they’re way, muttering about how I was a stupid little kid. “Dad?” I barely whispered, tears streaming down my dirty cheeks. “Call me Pop” he said, wrapping me in a deep hug. “Now come on. We have to scrub all of that dirt and grime off you in a real tub with warm water.” My new dad showed me onto the boat and to the bathroom. Pop turned on the water and I squealed like a little girl. “ It’s okay.” He soothed. I’m going to leave you and help Cordelia cook supper. She’s the person that will probably act like a mom.” He started to leave. “Dad wait!” I called. “Yes?” “I love you.” “I love you to, Max.”

Ignore this part I just have to write it so that it'll let me post.
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