Percy's Return story short Leo's Return

Percy's Return story short Leo's Return

The I lost track I think it's number nine? in the Return series with Percy. Plz read.

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I was going down to see Percy.  He came for me, so I was going to do the same.  When I reached the pit floor, Percy walked right up to me, grabbed my hand, and started to pull me back up the stairs.  I examined him closely, but couldn't see anything different about him.

"What happened to you?"  I asked on tradition.  He just shrugged.

Once we got to the ship, everyone was waiting to see what happened to Percy.  They all looked it him, then at me, which made me uncomfortable.

"Nothing happened to him.  Maybe it's because you had the blessing of Achilles."  He winced at the name.

"No, but that's a Greek blessing and I went through the Tiber.  It's gone."

"What's the blessing of Achilles?"  Hazel wondered.

"It basically makes you invincible."  I explained quickly.

Hazel gasped, "You gave that up to get into camp?"   Percy nodded.

"Totally worth it."  He smiled , "I never would have been able to see Camp Jupiter, or you guys, if I hadn't crossed.  Besides, Juno practically forced me to carry her across."   I looked at him funny.

"Did you just say Juno?"  I asked suspiciously.  He nodded.

"So?  It WAS Juno."  I had a crazy idea.

"Hey Percy?"  I started, "I'm gonna ask you a question, and you need at answer as fast as you can.  Ok?"   He nodded slowly.  "Who's the god of wine?"  I asked quickly.

"Brac-  I see what you mean."  He gave in.

Hazel coked her head, "So... Percy is Roman?" Percy shrugged and I nodded,  "Cool!  I'd take being Greek over this any day."  Percy scrunched his nose at the word 'Greek' almost involuntarily.  I smirked.  His Camp Jupiter tattoo seemed more noticeable somehow now, to me at least.

Night fell and I decided to taunt Percy.

"Hey, Percy?"  I called.  When he looked at me, I continued, "who's your dad?"

"Ne- Poseidon."  He glared at me, "not funny by the way."

"Oh actually, it is very funny Seaweed Brain.  Because now that brain is full of Roman seaweed."  I giggled and he smirked, just a little, but enough for me to know he didn't mind me making fun of him.

"Hey, have you seen Frank try to chase a hamburger?  It's so funny."  He said, "Like that Greek guy in the Fields of Punishment who can't eat or drink."  I rolled my eyes at his lack of knowledge about Greek mythology.

"Let's go see.  Also, seems a little harsh, you know, since it is a Punishment punishment."  He shrugged.

"It's funny though.  Jason and Hazel think so too.  Frank... not so much."  So what I'm hearing is that all the Romans find Frank slowly starving to death funny?  Okay.

I tried to share his enthusiasm for harsh punishment, "Well let's go!"  So we headed for the poor, poor, Frank.
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Comments (5)

I LUV the Percy Jackson books and heroes of Olympus..
on July 27, 2014
Wait, why is FRANK starving to death?
Idk cuz I felt like it. No, Frank was taken I to the pit first and his thing was that and he couldn't just get out and eat and be fine again so he needed to not be able to eat anything.
on July 27, 2014
on July 17, 2014
on July 17, 2014
on July 13, 2014