i just decided to write this story, for a oc of mine is a total bitch to everyone except her boyfriend and her ex boyfriend so-

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bitch i dont know a title so

The sky was filled will all types of oranges,yellows, and pinks. As two teens chased each other bare foot on the grass. Laughter and joy filled the air. “Come get me,Scarlett!” yelled a deep male voice. The only response was a quiet giggled and footsteps as the two ran.

  Scarlett was gaining on her friend, and when she came close to him, she tackled the male down to the ground. Giggles and laughs escaped the two’s lips. “ I caught you Sean!” She grinned. The one known as “Sean” wrapped his arms around her waist in a hugging manner. “ ...Yeah you did….” He didn’t wanna tell her this was possibly the last time he would get to hold her in his arms. A single tear ran down his face. “ Sean..? What’s wrong? Don’t cry because I caught you!” She chuckled.  “It’s okay! You can chase me next time.” Scarlett hugged him. Sean nodded as his grip on her waist only tightened. “I should get home…,” Scarlett suddenly spoke. As dark came faster than expected, the only light was the full moon glistening over the friends.

  Scarlett stood up as she helped her best friend stand up. “Me too...b-..bye..” Sean wiped his tears away. Scarlett gave the male one last hug before she was on her way home, left unaware this was going to be the last time she saw her best friend.   

~ 2~ aka the next day.

A moving van was parked outside of Sean’s home. Scarlett raised an eyebrow at the moving van, fear ran over her. Was that for Sean? Is he moving away? Why didn’t he tell her? These questions filled her head as she ran towards the front door. Hoping,praying that he didn’t leave yet.

  She was reluctant at first, what if it wasn’t Sean or one of his family members that answered? Or someone didn’t answer at all? Scarlett let out a breath, trying to be brave on the outside. But on the inside, fear flooded her. Lifting a shaky hand to knock on the door.

  A few moments passed by, each second Scarlett’s hope fading, until she heard the sound of a door unlock. A gasp escaping her lips as she looked up and saw Sean’s father. “..Oh! Scarlett, I take it you’ve come by to give Sean one finally goodbye?” Mr.Lopez smiled sadly at the female.Scarlett tilted her head, “Goodbye? Sean didn’t tell me you guys were moving!” The young girl battled the urge to cry out right then and there.
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on March 13