Middle Schoolerz

Middle Schoolerz

Amara Fredrick is a 12 year old girl who is going through middle school with her foreign exchange student, Dominque. With several exchange students coming in and out and school drama with their best friend back in 4th grade and the silicones, will Amara and Dominque survive the school yearz? Read to find out!

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Me And The Foreign Exchange Studentz

Me And The Foreign Exchange Studentz

        "Oh my god, Amara is that who I think?!" Asked Dominque as we walked to our lockers.
        "Who, Courtney?" Dominque started jumping up in down, like she was 6 year old girl who won VIP passes to a Justin Bieber concert.
        "Yes Courtney!"
        "Weren't you guys best friends in 4th grade?" Dominque squealed.
        "I didn't even recognize her with all that makeup!" Courtney saw us and ran over to us. She gave us both a giant bear hug.
        "Hey guys, long time no see! It's been forever! So, how do I look?!" Me and Dominque looked at each other. We had only been talking to Courtney for less than a minute and she had already changed the subject to her. One thing I couldn't stand about Courtney. There's even more. I think I have a list in my journal.
        "I think you look great." Dominque said. Courtney fixed her hair and blushed.
        "Aw, thanks, Dom, your so kind. Anyways, I need help. I'm wearing makeup so I can impress the popular kids. Please don't tell anyone that I am, I want to be known as the pretty girl, please!! I'm begging you!" Courtney dropped to the floor and started bawling.
        "Pleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeee!!!" I was glad no one was around to see this. It would have been so embarrassing if anyone saw the 'drama queen' throw a meltdown. It would have been embarrassing for me, Dominque and Courtney.
        "Okay Courtney! Of course we'll keep your secret!" I yelled aggressively. Dominque nodded.
        "Yeah. We won't blow your cover, Courtney." Courtney jumped up and hugged us both.
        "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Courtney kissed my cheek, then Dominque's. Then ran off.
        "Cia later alligators <3" And then she was gone. Me and Dominque sighed relief. Courtney is one of those annoying girls who nobody likes. I had a whole list in my journal, I need to get my journal out of my locker.
        "C'mon, Amara. We need to get our stuff, your mom will kill us if we get home late." We went to our lockers. I put in my combination and searched for my journal. Ah-ha! Here it is. I flipped through the pages. Here it is <3

        ~OoO Reasons Why I Can't Stand Courtney OoO~
- She also talks about herself
- She also ends up causing the most trouble
- She's a total DRAMA QUEEN
- She makes fun of people! She's a bully!
- She only cares about herself
- She's so desperate! She'll even date a GIRL!
        ~OoO That's all I have, I'm sure I'll get more OoO~
        Wow, I seemed like such a mean kid. I was like, 10 when I wrote this. I started flipping back. Oh, look at this. An entry for when we first got Emiko. Emiko is one of the billions of foreign exchange students my family has. He was from Japan.

        ~OoO Journal Entry OoO~

        Today is the day we are going to get Emiko. Me and Dominque are so excited. When we first met we became bffs right away, so we knew Emiko wasn't going to be any trouble! Mom told us to dress in a Japanese themed dress. She said that we needed to make Emiko 'feel at home.' I think the happiest moment in my life was when Mom told us to get in the car because we were going to get Emiko. When we arrived I jumped out of the car. Emiko was shy with big eyes and dark thick hair. He was adorable. We took him home and Mom made all of us lunch. It was Sushi and noodles. Emiko was the most adorable thing and I love him as much as I love Dominque.
        ~OoO End OoO~
        "C'mon Amara! We're going to be late!" Dominque yelled to me. I backed my bag and ran out the building with Dominque.
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