Short Story Requests

Short Story Requests

I ask for prompts, I write. Feel free to request at any time. I have no idea what to write here. Also enjoy some pic of my bad art.

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Awkward Batterie Fanfiction (Requested by @Sassy_Mime)

(Note: this is supposed to be cheesy/badly-written. Also this is somewhat based off of a picture, which is here: also I feel horrible for writing this trash. Repeat, THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD )

"Hey Batter, wanna know a secret?" Zacharie asked, his voice sounding way to solemn. Usually Batter found Zach waving his arms around, not taking anything seriously. Batter would have noticed his odd expression if it weren't for that mask. But just from the eyes, he looked suspicious.

"No," the other replied.

"I'm really high."

Now it seemed very obvious. Actually, now that Batter thought about it, high Zacharie wasn't very different from normal Zacharie.

"Oh" was all he could reply to this new news. However, he decided not to make anything big out of it.

Days had passed and the two had no assosicated since. It was not that the two were trying to ignore each other, but they simply had not spoken. But to Batter, it had seemed that he had been with Zacharie this whole time. Each night he would have these weird dreams involving him and Zacharie. Some of them seemed friendly and reasonable, but others were not what he enjoyed thinking about.

The first dream was rather simple. He found himself and Zach sitting on a bench in what seemed to be a park. Zacharie seemed to have some sort of suspicious grin on his face, and not like the one painted on his mask. Even more suspicious. It appeared that his mask had been reshaped.

"Zacharie...?" he inquired.

But sadly, that was the end of that dream.

The next dream was about the same, except Zacharie replied. It appeared he was speaking some weird alien language, and Batter could not make any sense of it.

The next dream was very lewd. Batter pretended to forget that one.

The next dream was the plot of every typical high school romance movie, but with him and Zacharie as the main characters. His favourite parts was when Zach asked him to The Prom™ and when they went back to their mom's lakeside cabin and made out in the closet while the police were making sure no one broke in to the house.

From those days on, the dreams had nothing to do with Zacharie.

That hot, sunny day Zacharie ran into Batter.

"Heyyyyy babbbyyyy"

Batter just hoped this was a dream as well.
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Oh i got a short story idea!
What is it?
on April 19, 2016
on April 19, 2016
5/5 MY MAN
on April 19, 2016