a new song

hi guys i told you what song I'm going too do so u already know so umm XD

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Chapter 1.

gay or european undertale

undying.  THERE  RIGHT THERE look at that tan saline  look at the killer shape he's in look at that slightly stubble chin oh please he's gay totally gay
sans. im not about to celebrate every trait and indicate a totally straight this guys not gay i not gay
everyone. he is the elephant in the room  what is relevant to assume the man who wares perfume
sans. but look at his  crisp and cruly locks
undying. look at his silk tranlosent  socks
sans. of what were seeing
undying. what are we seeing
sans. is he gaaaay
undying. of course he's gay
sans. or eurpean
undying. ohhhh
everyone. gay or european its to greaante is he gay or european : everyone look at alphys :
plphys. well haey don't look at me
toril. you see they bring in those charming floren ports  
everyone. gay or floren fella
undying. they both say things like clao bella  well they kiss you on both cheeks
alphys. oh please
everyone. gay or european so many shades of grey
everyone. is he gay or european or-
muffet. THAT RIGHT THERE look at the at that smirk seen at every guy at work that is a metro-harto-jerk thats guy not gay i say no way
everyone. he is the elephant in the roomful is it to assume
undying and sans. he is surly worthy definitely
undying and sans. GAY AFSILLY GAY GAY GAY
mtt. : kisses ramdon girl :
sans and undying. DAMIT
everyone. gay or european so relaxed is he gay or european
muffet. but they bring there boys up different its not curse if wares a skirt or bares a purse
everyone. i still can't crack the coad  gay or european so many shades of grey
the radon girl again. but if he turns out stright I'm free on 8 at saturday
everyone. is he gay or -
alphys. give me a chance to crake this guy i have an idea
sans. the floor is yours
alphys. so matt how long has this been going on with you and burger pants
mtt. 2   years
alpys. and your name agin is?
mtt. mtt
alphys. and you boyfriends name is?
mtt. pap
everyone. : gasp :
mtt. oh you said boyfriends i thou you said best friend pap is mt best friend
everyone. : gasp :
pap. i no cover for u no more
pap. peoples i have an anousement
pap.: turns to matt : you are so gay
mtt. I'm straight
pap. you  went yesterday
pap. so I'm proud to say
pap.  he's gay
everyone. and european
mtt. fine I'm gay
everyomne. horray
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so much to wright
on July 14, 2016