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what should i change my user 2?
what should i change my user 2? no cruse or bad things
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witch picture should be my main pic?
ok guys I'm think the sans and tori or my dog idk guys help X3
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can u think wants sans is going say next?
1. i want a... 2. you rlly.. 3. you going to have... 4. i ... you 4you so..
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anyone high school stop bullying roll play?
plz I'm the nerd we just need some people to this roll play btw i will record plz
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what do u do if your friend turn on you?
ok so one of my friends had to turn on me what do i do?
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what do u think of this song i made up?
here it goes sometimes we get pushed aside we all get not notice there and now and then just become a shadow but we can become BRAVE now we we will say what we want to say all we have to do is be BRAVE not be a shadow of some...
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i neeed a new flash player but when i try to do it it doesn't work i need help
its alll in the tittle i need help its like i can't do nothing on my laptop without my flash i con only do qfeast and look up pics and make youtube vids so how do i instal a new flash plz -.-
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would you make fun of me for money or just for fun? or not at all
i have a lot of things you could make fun of me for clowns I'm an outcast i have stuff animals i got glasses and braces ok I'm going about to much
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What is your biggest fear? (1)
I'm sooo scared of clowns i mean just look at them : shivers : whats your fear?
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what are 3 things not to do in math class?
i know some but i want to ask you guys :p
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who thinks animal jam is meant for 5 year olds?
i play animal jam and I'm 9 i want to know what you think on animal jam? I LOVE ANIMAL JAM
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who fells bad for sans?
i fell bad for sans they killed his brother thats why he killed chara and and other reasons
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how do i get rid of bullies?
i get bullied a lot i want to know what i can do to get rid of them plz ii got hit 1 time sO HARD i need help any avicce?
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how do i make friends?
i only have 3 friends and I'm an outcast is there anyway to make more friends as an outcast i asked this because i get bullied every day and i want some friends to help me
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how do i get likes on my story or quiz?
idk how to get likes or give likes?
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