Operation Silver wolf

Operation Silver wolf

Warning contains violent things and mentions adult stuff that I do not condone such as rape, killing and drug use. Operation silver wolf is meant to create the perfect army to conquer the world under a single rule but many volunteer's die in this operation and forges a hatred from the common people for doing these inhumane acts.

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Chapter 1.
Operation Recruit

Operation Recruit

(Wolf's squad leader pov)

Another mission yay I bitterly thought as I walked out of the mission briefing hall. The hallway decorated with pictures of 'Heroes' who were really just children who died in experimentation. (Sigh) Those were the days when we had to kill each other in order to survive and see another sunrise right behind that giant fence of course. We had only the motivation of hope , though my hope died when I was forced to kill a four year old girl all she was wearing was a floral dress and seemed confused at why some people didn't get up when she nudged the people with her foot as they bled out. I saw her like that and took pity on her and I walked right up to her and said "Its alright shh " as I raised my m9 pistol and shot her in between the eyes as she closed her eyes and gave the gift of eternal rest to her. When I did that everyone stopped and looked at me as if I was insane but I just started laughing at how they were acting ,acting as if they were better than me ,they were oblivious to how they were acting killing each other; they failed to realize that this was the moment to survive.
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Wow this is...Cool! And different! I like it! continue please
on June 27, 2014