Mobius Pasta

Mobius Pasta

Marbles is on the sofa, writing a letter to Bella. She suddenly hears a loud thud. Marbles looks out the window and sees a portal. It was purple, swirling, and whispering to Marbles, "Come, come, come." Marbles steps into the portal and is teleported to a different dimension, where she gets a strange visit from the creepypasta gang...

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The Teleporter

The Teleporter

"Dear Bella," I crumbled up my letter and threw it in the trash can. This was the fifth letter I wrote. They all sucked though. I miss Bella and promised to write to her every bloodbath moon. Bella is my daughter, well, my EX daughter. I had to get her aborted because of Sonic. Sonic is a man that has been haunting me every since my 9th birthday.
"Sweet Bella," I dropped the note. Queen Aleena looked down at where I was sitting.
"What's wrong Marbles?"
"I've been working for hours on this letter!"
"What's so important about this letter?"
"It's for Bella!"
"Ah, yes! It is bloodbath moon tonight?"
"Yes. It's very important Queen Aleena!"
"Oh, it's okay! I'm sure Bella will love the letter!"
"Well, what do YOU think?" I give Queen Aleena the letter. She pucks her lips, like she put a whole war-head in mouth.
"There's nothing on it."
"I can't decide what to say!"
"Lets try this," Queen Aleena writes a significant greeting.

"Dear Beloved Bella," I stare, gawking.

"This is amazing! Queen Aleena! They should call you, "Angel Aleena,!"
"It's only a greeting!"
"The best greeting ever!"

Queen Aleena rolls her eyes and goes to the kitchen. I continue on the note;

"Dear Beloved Bella,
It is I, Marbles the Hedgebat. I am
willing to be with you someday. I
beg for forgiveness for what I have
done to you. I-


I look out the window to see what happened. A big, purple portal was in the front yard. I gawk in amazement. Where had this come from?!!? What was it doing in my front yard?!!? I stare into the portal. The swirlingness was making me dizzy, almost making me pass out. I clutched the wall.

"Come, come, come"

The portal was SPEAKING to me! My body was pushing me to the portal, not me.

"Come, come, come"

I grasped the door. I was fighting my own body.

"Let me go unclean spirit!"

What I thought it would work. But it didn't. Instead, it made it stronger.

"Come, come, come."

My hands open the door, my legs walk towards the portal. I step inside.


"Come, come, come"
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