Priceless (A MIKA Fanfic) (Remake)

Priceless (A MIKA Fanfic) (Remake)

Victoria has always been an outcast. Nobody has ever wanted to be friends with her, because she doesn't talk. That is, until a boy named Mica Penniman starts at her school. The two have a lot in common, and instantly become friends. But could they be more than friends? And when bad things start happening to Victoria and she starts to hate herself, what will Mica do?

published on September 25, 201628 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Author's Notes

Hi, guys!

This is the completed remake of my Mika fanfiction, Priceless. I posted the original version on here first a few years ago, and then I edited it and continued to write it on W attpad. After a lot of work on this story, I finally finished it, and now I'm posting the complete version of it here on Qfeast.

Priceless is the story of what it would be like if Mika went to my school. Or at least what I would want it to be like. He starts at my school and gets put in my form, and we become friends. Then the drama starts to happen. So it's basically a self-insert fanfic.

Also, in this story, I did not spell Mika's name wrong. He spelt it as Mica when he was younger, and this fanfiction is set in his teenage years, so yeah.

I hope you like this fanfic, I worked really hard on it! I love you all!

~ MikasPrincess/Victoria
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