Man Answers Buzzfeed's "36 Questions Women Have For Men"

Man Answers Buzzfeed's "36 Questions Women Have For Men"

I am just a teenager, but I wanted to sound dramatic and call myself a man. Misleading, I know. But Buzzfeed gave my gender these questions so... I also may have messed up the question format so there may be more than 36 questions listed.

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1. How does it feel to be the same sex as Donald Trump?
>Oh, I can tell where this is going. The cisgender white male stereotype.
>Also, how does it feel to be the same sex as Sarah Palin, Lena Dunham, Aileen Wuornos, Kim Davis, Myra Hindley, Jane Toppan, Nannie Doss, Elizabeth Bathory, and a ton of other horrible female people? One person can't define one's personality.

2. Why do you hate romcoms? Or do you feel you just need to hate them?
>I don't like romcoms because I am not big on things with a lot of romantic plot. It has nothing to do with me being male.
>Also, I know plenty of people of many genders who like these kinds of things, and I don't think people are ashamed to say that they like romantic comedies.

3. Everybody likes The Notebook. Everyone likes Beyonce. It's just a fact.
>I don't like The Notebook.
>I like some of Beyonce's music, but not all of it.
>And what does that have to do with being a man? I thought these were going to be serious questions.

4. Why do you make women sit around and talk about men in movies, when you all easily just sit around and talk about boobs for hours?
>I never made a woman do that, neither have I ever heard of a man doing that to a woman.
>To be honest, the longest conversation about boobs I have had as with my friends (who is female... surprise, surprise) and it was about their cup sizes. I did not pressure them into that situation, if that is what people are thinking.

5. Why do you automatically assume you won't like a TV show or movie that stars a female lead?
>I don't hold that bias. I'm afraid you are talking to the wrong guy.
>Either way, some of my favourite movies have female leads or female characters that are vital to the plot. For example, my favourite TV show is Parks and Rec and the main character is a female feminist.

6. Why are you surprised when women are funny? I'm probably funnier than you.
>I'm not funny at all, but I bet I'm funnier than you because you seem to take things way too seriously considering this stupid questions you have been asking.
>I don't remember ever being surprised. And if I ever was it's because of these "feminist comedians" who either support misandry or make terrible jokes about men making sandwiches. Either way, I don't think that women are naturally not funny. I mean there are funny women and not funny men.

7. Why do you think we're obsessed with you when we hookup? Nine times out of ten I want you to leave too. I'm busy, I got shit to do.
>I don't hook up with people so I wouldn't know.
>If I did, I would assume that you only have sex with people you like. I mean, most people don't have sex with people they have no attraction to.

8. Why can't I sleep with as many people as I want to without being judged? When men do it, they're congratulated.
>Everyone is judged on everything. I am judged for a ton of stuff, and I bet you are too.  I don't know if it's just me, but I find it a turnoff if my partner has had tons of sexual partners. And before you say that is sexist, I'm not attracted to women. So therefore, I was talking about men.
>Nobody I have heard of or know has congratulated a man for having sex with a woman besides immature high school boys.
>Also, radical feminists have shamed men for having sex and called them perverts, so if you want to talk about shaming, it goes both ways for different reasons.

9. Why do you consider a woman a tease if she doesn't sleep with you after three dates, but a slut if she sleeps with you on the first date?
>Once again, I'm gay. I wouldn't know. I'm also asexual.

10. In what world does no mean yes? No mean's no.
>What does that have to do with me being a man?

11. Why do you think women are too "emotional" to be leaders, then justify catcalling by saying men just can't control themselves?
>I see no corrulation between those two things.
>If we are talking about Hillary Clinton, if anything, she is too emotionless.
>I don't justify catcalling. No sane man does. Also, if a woman catcalls, why is she seen positivitely by people like you, Buzzfeed?

12. Why do you think just because you're nice to be, I owe you by body?
>Like I said, this doesn't apply to me and very few people actually think that.

13. Why would you ever send an unsolicited dick pic?
>I have never done this nor do I ever plan on it.

14. Why do you feel like it's okay to harass women or make offensive comments about women, but when somebody does it to your sister it's not okay?
>For one, it is a human trait to care about siblings or close family rather than strangers.
>And I don't make offensive comments about women, nor have I ever justified the harassment of them.
>I am coming to realize that this video is targeted towards white, cis men which you hate with everyone you have.

15. How does it feel to interrupt me when I'm in the middle of making a point during a meeting?
>If I did do this, it wouldn't be because you were a woman. It would be because your point was really bad or was plain about offensive.

16. Why do you have to sit with your legs so wide open? I get that you have balls, but I don't stand around with my arms wide open to make room for my boobs.
>If you had testicles on your chest, you wouldn't open your arms but if you had boobs in between your legs, you would know the feeling.
>Your arms don't even touch your boobs besides maybe grazing the sides, anyway.
>Your legs freaking crush your testicles. It's different.

17. Why are women perceived as the weaker sex, even though we literally birth you? Like watermellons through like this.
>Women are statistically less strong than men. Why are men considered the meaner sex?
>Also, birth tests pain tolerance, not strength.

18. Why is it so bad to show your emotions? It means your human.
>People like you is why. You get all mad when a man complains and harass them and then wonder why they don't show their emotions more.
>We don't hide our emotions to appear tougher, we do it so we don't have to be harassed from people who support stereotypes.

19. Why are you always trying to prove your masculinity to me?
>The only example for this I can think of is if a man knows a woman is impressed by masculinity and he wants to show off because he wants a relationship with her. And to be honest, that is rare.

20. Why the f*** isn't it ladylike to cuss? When did words get genders?
>It's not un-ladylike, it's just rude. Cussing isn't polite, and I really only cuss around my friends and for humor purposes. If I see someone in public cussing their eyes out, I'm going to not feel greatly of them no matter what their gender is.

21. Why is it your first instinct to doubt women who have been sexually violated or raped?
>It's not my first instinct to believe them either. Why? Innocent until proven guilty.
>No one believes male rape victims either, so don't try and turn this into a feminist issue.
>Anyway, have you seen the recent stories of false rape accusations? People's lives are shattered.

22. Why do you assume a woman's angry because she's on her period?
>Because women are usually angry when they are on their periods. My female friends have literally told me that.

23. Why do you think that women who wear makeup are false advertising? We could say the same thing about your dick size.
>I don't. End of story.
>I'm not even attracted to women.
>I also love your motive of "lets try and end female stereotypes but don't forget to make fun of men".

24. Why isn't it weird that there's bunch of old white men making legislation about what I can and can't do with my body?
>50% of voters are women. If you want different leaders, vote! Don't sit and complain.

25. Do you have a choocie?
>You are making a video asking men questions and you are asking them if they have vaginas. Okay then.
>Either way, why would I tell you that?
>What makes you think  it's socially acceptable to ask someone that?

26. Why are straight guys so obsessed with lesbians?
>I don't know. Ask a straight guy.

27. How does it feel to get kicked in the balls?

28. Do you ever get tired of trying to be manly all the time?
>Do you ever get tired of complaining all the time?
>If someone does act like that, its mostly from societal pressure.

29. Why are you so afraid of gender equality?
>Are you assuming that because I'm a man?
>Gender equality is a big deal to me. And I'm sorry my idea of gender equality doesn't match yours with wanting to give men curfews, killing men, and other things like that. I am more focused on things that actually matter such as child marriage in 3rd world countries, the male suicide rate, and Sharia law.

30. Why do I deserve to be paid less than you?
>You don't. And you don't have to worry about that because of the Equal Pay Act in 1963. Thank John F. Kennedy.

31. In what world does 77 cents equal a dollar?
>No world. And it does not here in America. Thanks John!

32. In what world does 68 cents equal a dollar?
>No world. And it does not here in America. Thanks Kennedy!

33. How is that fair?
>It isn't.
>Like I just said three times, you don't have to worry about it.

34. Why are you intimidated by a woman who makes more money than you? That's awesome, more money!
>I would be intimidated by anyone who made more money than me, male or female.
>I agree. Having more money would be awesome indeed.

35. Why are opinionated women seen as bitches, when opinionated men are seen as bosses?
>There is a thing called leadership. How someone is viewed with their ideas has to do with how they lead.
>Men who are bosses more than leaders are seen as "bitches", and vice versa with women being seen as bosses (the good kind).

36. Why aren't you speaking up when you hear your male friends behind closed doors make jokes that are offensive to women?
>I, nor my friends, make offensive jokes about rape.
>I like how you act innocent. I am pretty sure you have made some sexist jokes against men in your lifetime.

37. Why are you so afraid of recognizing your own privilege?
>Aw yes, I love my male privilege. I love being eleven times more likely to die at work than a woman. I love how my gender attributes to 99.9 percent of combat deaths. I love how my male privilege makes me five times more likely to commit suicide than a woman. I love how I only have a 15% change of having custody over my children in case of divorce. I love how because I'm a guy I'm three times more likely to become homeless than a woman. I love how I am likely  to get double the prison sentence than a woman for the same offense! I love being considering a pig or sexual beast! Thank's male privilege!
>Here's the thing boo, I honestly don't believe I have any privilege that has to do with me being a man.

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Comments (11)

Being a girl-
I find it odd that these questions would be asked. A man can ask me similar questions and I'll have the same additude as yours.
Thanks for awnsering these, and as proof women can also be sexist.
on April 26, 2016
Every time a man actually answers these it's always gold. 10/10
on April 25, 2016
I think those questions should've been directed to ignorant men
on April 25, 2016
Very good answers. Lots of the questions sucked. I mean, I've wondered what it feels like to be kicked there and stuff like that, but seriously?? Who CARES about having the same parts as Trump?!

I kind of want to make something like this, but answering the men's questions for women.
I wish that was a video but tons of rad fems would freak the fuuck out
SJWs would get quite upset but isn't that more the reason to do it? :^?
on April 25, 2016
*shrugs* I don't see why they would.
on April 25, 2016
I want to make a story for that but I'm afraid people will get mad or something./
on April 25, 2016
And THEY have a problem with unequal wages?? Guys should get just as much say as girls when it comes to this stuff...

Well, do you have thirty-six questions for a woman?
on April 25, 2016
on April 25, 2016
on April 25, 2016
I agree with this a lot actually. These questions were pointless and had no seriousness taken to them. Plus I feel like the questions were directed at your typical fuckboy yet the titled it towards all men in general
on April 25, 2016
on April 25, 2016