M.O.S.A.T. 5: The lonely girl

In this story there are aliens named zygittos. They have the ability to transform themselfs into the victim looking completely like him/her. But with the side effect that of the zygitto dies when looking like the victim the victim will also die and it works vice versa. They are connected to eachother. So how will our heroes manage to survive this? Let's find out on this extra long story with 3 chapters instead of 2! it's also the first mission ever our heroes goes in with the titles name: Masters Of Space And Time (M.O.S.A.T.).

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Chapter 1.

Who is who?

Our heroes where back home to their own timeline. But even when they where home danger was not over. It all started with Clara finding one of her old agents at her previous organisation. His name is Bob and he used to be on many missions with Clara. - Thought you where dead! Bob said.
- No I didn't die! Clara said. - But when you where on that bridge fighting that bad guy I saw him shooting you and you fell down. Bob said. - Well, he missed! A wormhole happened to open down below that took me to a spacemall. Clara explained. - What a fantastic fantasy you have! Bob said. - No, that's what really happened! Clara said.
Then, out of a sudden! Another Bob just popped up! They where exactly alike eachother like twins. Let's call the Bob that just popped out as Bob 2 and the other one as Bob 1. - Clara, listen to me, this creature is tricking you! He looks like me but it isn't me! Bob 2 said.
- No, Clara! It's me! The real me! He is the creature! Bob 1 said. - Well, this is going to be a tricky one! Clara said. - We have bumped into a shapeshifter but the question is wich kind? Gina wondered. - Wich kind? Are there many shapeshifters out there? Clara asked. - Well, I have met 30 kinds of shapeshifters! Gina said.
- So, who are you? Clara asked both Bob 1 and 2. - I already told you, I'm the real Bob! Do you remember when we met the first time? It was on a beach in Thailand! Bob 1 said. - No, I'm real Bob! Do you remember when we got married? We got married in New york and afterwards you took me to a cinema and we watched a movie! Bob 2 said.
- Wich movie? Clara asked. - It was James bond! Bob 1 said. - Quantum of solace! Bob 2 said. - Damn it! This shapeshifter is good! They both speak the truth! Clara said. Now Sam and Melissa stepped forward. - Do you know who we are? Sam asked. - Sure! You are my children! Bob 2 said. - Thanks! Melissa said and shoot Bob 2.
But she shouldn't shoot him! As Bob 2 got shoot Bob 1 got injured at the exact same spot as Bob 2. - Oh! That shapeshifter! Gina said - So wich kind is this? Amy asked while Clara, Melissa and Sam was mourning for the loss of Bob. - This was the very first kind I bumped into. They are named the zygittos. Gina said.
- Zygittos? Amy wondered. - Yes! They are infecting the victim with some nasty goo that they first grow on their head in a bubble and then they making it explode and burst out on the victim. Then both the victim and the zygitto is connected to eachother while being a copycat. If the victim dies the copycat dies too and vice versa! Gina said.
- How do you stop them? Melissa wondered. - I don't know really! I have just encountered them once when I was on a planet named myubub with creatures named myubels. Cute little creatures but the zygittos took their shapes and then they saboutaged their power source that would keep the planet alive and flied away.
We managed to destroy the spaceship but it was then we discovered that the zygittos connected the victim in a strange way. Many myubels died right at that moment the spaceship got destroyed but I managed to save the surviving myubels and kept them hidden on earth. Their planet however couldn't be saved. Gina said.
- So you have not a single clue of how to defeat them? Clara wondered. - Nope! Not without defeating the victim. I know how to defeat them but that would defeat the victim as well! Gina explained. - Please, for Bobs sake, could you figure out how to defeat them without defeating the victim? Clara asked.
- I'll try my best, but I can't promise. Gina said. - You have to promise! Clara said. - Ok, I'll promise! Gina said. Our heroes have just encountered the very first zygitto but there will be many more to come. For now they had a conversation about where to have their secret headquarter. Amys house was too unprotected and a very easy target and Gina was just travelling around without any house. Clara by the way had her safe house they could take.
The safe house where perfect. It was protected by alarms and guns that fireing by themselfs when house where attacked. The safe house where camouflaged and not easy to find. Now, M.O.S.A.T. or Masters Of Space And Time have their very first headquarter. It was safe there and after a conversation they decided it would be safest to have the children's there right in the safety zone.
- Alright! Melissa, Sam. I want you two to be safe in here! There are one livingroom where you can watch tv or play video games over there and one gameroom over there with a lot of arcade games and other fun. Toilets there and kitchen there. Have fun and don't go away from the safe house! Do you promise not to leave? Clara asked.
- Of course we will promise! We stay here until you're back! Melissa said. - But what if you will never come back? Sam asked. I have a transmitter in my body! If this device will start beeping it means I'm dead, if I'm dead you can go searching for the others, but be careful! Wherever you are, bring your migiwida with you! It's your safetyguards! Clara said.
- But how about you Amy? Melissa asked. - I'll allways gonna be with you! Don't worry. Amy said. - Well, all the migiwida have a transmitter actually. It can feel whenever any of us are dead and it will also signal when that happens. Gina said. - Good to hear! Ok then, we stay safely here, but what if zygittos will find us? Sam asked.
- If any danger will reach the safe house it will allways stay well defended and well protected by many defense mechanisms. It has guns and weapons and traps as well ready to protect you. Clara said.
Meanwhile in the space a spaceship with some zygittos are heading towards the earth and our heroes are getting ready for facing them.
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