Creepypasta fan fiction

Creepypasta fan fiction

Do NOT judge me for this, this is my first story, enjoy my creepypasta fan fiction

published on July 24, 2014458 reads 63 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


I walk out of my room and I can hear shouting down in the kitchen I run down the stairs to see what’s going on as soon as I walk in the shouting stops I see Masky and Hoodie at one side of the counter and Toby on the other in front of them are two plates one has a slice of cheesecake the other has a stack of waffles
“what’s going on guys” Masky, Hoodie and Toby all turn and look at me Hoodie walks off Masky and Toby just stand there looking at me. Then Toby walks up to me “Do you like waffles?” he asks “oh well good morning to you too.” Toby looks at me “sorry Good morning, do you like waffles?” I look at him completely confused Masky face palms behind him and then walks up “Toby and I are fighting over what’s better, waffles” he makes a face with disgust “or cheesecake”

I pretty much completely ignore them both and walk over to the plates I pick up a waffle and the cheesecake, I put the cheesecake on the waffle and put another waffle on top I give it to Toby “There Cheesewaffle” I laugh and walk away.
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Comments (2)

Cool, but Jeff how are fan girls scary? Why can't Jeff just stab the fan girls? Unless they brought knives.
I also don't know how fangirls are scary
on October 15, 2020
on June 23, 2015