Voldy Goes North

Voldy Goes North

Bad idea, Voldy. Bad idea. You hardly wear clothes, for goodness' sake!

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Chapter 1.


Voldemort was bored. He had Minecraft. He had his iPhone or iPod or whatever the heck it was. He had his smelly, moth-eaten house that reminded him of the guy in Despicable Me. He had Wormtail, who had finally accepted the fact that the Olympics did not have skydiving and had been moping in the middle of the living room with a KFC bowl on his head.
But he was still bored.
"I wish I could be in Minecraft." said Voldy. "Travel would be much easier. And there wouldn't be that nasty Potty slug."

One morning Nagini was rudely awakened by Voldy yelling, "Wormtail!! Pack your bags!! We're going on vacation!"
She hissed at him. "I was having a lovely dream!"
"Shush." Voldy said, shoving things in a suitcase. He threw a rat to her to eat as an apology moments later. He loved Nagini too much to be angry with her.
Five minutes later Wormtail was wiping his nose on the hem of Voldy's robes.
"Nose-wiping is not the same as kissing!" Voldy shrieked, jumping away.
"Do you need a Kleenex, my Lord?" Wormtail asked.
"No, but you do." Voldy waved his wand at their luggage so that it hovered behind them. "Come on, let's go steal a car."
Five more minutes later Voldy, Nagini, and Wormtail were driving away from a yelling person.
"It's good you know how to drive" Voldy said, as Wormtail swerved and drove through someone's yard, narrowly avoiding hitting their house and knocking over some garbage cans.
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Comments (1)

Voldy seems so comical... I was like 'Whaoh! Voldemort's on Crossy Road?!?' When I was playing. Then I saw the wizard and was like 'DUMBLEDORE!!!'
on May 21, 2015