not a bad country part-2

not a bad country part-2

as you all know, i have made the first part of not a bad country. And this is the part two for you guys, to know that Australia is the best :) love ya, i have made this part for someone's request (who?non of your business, or that doesn't matter)

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read carefully :)

Australian qualities and characteristics

• A sense of equality (egalitarianism) - that we are all equals with no real class structure;

• an non-discriminatory attitude towards one another so far as racial, ethnic, national or religious differences are concerned - multicultural "we are many but we are one.."; general racial tolerance; sexual equality / tolerance of varying gender orientation;accepting others' differences;

• a strong belief in fair play and a fair go;

• a basic friendliness and outward-goingness;

• a dislike of pretence and arrogance - (people "up themselves"); also the "tall poppy syndrome" where we enjoy cutting down to size those who have grown too tall, as it were;

• a healthy scepticism (critical, don't always do what we are told) of authority;

• larrikin idea - rebellious, bit of a lout (convict origins);

• a self-deprecating sense of humour (prepared to laugh at ourselves, "take the piss");

• despite our appearance of political apathy, a strong belief in democratic political traditions (ours is, after all, one of the longest unbroken democratically elected parliaments in the world.);

• a concern for a total quality of life rather than measuring standard of living solely in material terms;

• strong sense of mateship; responsibility to care for and look after our mates;
• simple pastimes and Australian food outdoors - BBQ's, meat pies, beer, picnics at the beach or in the bush;

• Australians are people of the suburbs - their dream home, quarter acre block; (NB how this 1950's image is changing to an increasing number of inner- city dwellers; meterosexuals etc);idea of the typical Australian home as a man's castle; importance of family, of sticking together;

• treats women with respect; Australian male as shy, quiet, but capable;

• belief in the importance of the "little man" or the average bloke in the street;

• notion of the Aussie battler; working hard for everything you get; importance of hard work;

• ideas of physical competence - strong, wiry, surfer / jackaroo type; see ourselves (and are seen by others overseas) as physically able;

• importance of sport; sport as a definer of our identity containing many of the above qualities.
and the people of Australia are very nice and kind at heart. there is a love, courage, mercy, hospitality for other people in the hearts of Australian people. love Australia. it have huge and beautiful building and places for visiting purpose.

love ya,
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Oi! G'day mate! Australia is one country that you can visit, mate!
on January 27, 2017
AUSSIE! See More▼
on June 17, 2016
ya not a bad country..
on December 16, 2015
on December 12, 2015