Voldemort and the Stolen Recipe

Voldemort and the Stolen Recipe

Wormtail finds that one of his favorite cookbooks is missing. Lord Voldemort needs it for the upcoming anniversary of his regeneration. Do the Malfoys, who recently crossed the Dark Lord, have anything to do with it? And will they find it in time?

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Chapter 1.


It was a fine Saturday morning. The birds had finally shut up and thick thunderstorm clouds had drifted in to cover the sun.
"What a perfect day!" cried Voldemort as he pranced down the stairs in his purple onesie pajamas. He had to raise his voice to be heard over the winds picking up outside.
"We're going to get quite a storm, I think," Wormtail nodded, coming in from the kitchen.
Nagini groggily slithered down the stairs after Voldy. "You don't need to yell," she said irritably.
Voldemort bent and patted her. "Oh hush," he said. "You like the weather too, don't deny."
"I do deny," Nagini snapped. "I prefer sunny days, you fool! I'm a snake!"
"Oh right," Voldemort recalled thoughtfully. "Then why doesn't it matter for me to not get sun?"
"You are warm-blooded," Nagini hissed, loosing her patience. With her tail lashing, she slipped away under the couch to sleep.
Voldy grinned at Wormtail. "Someone's a bundle of cheer today," Then the wizard strode off to the dining room, where breakfast was already set out for the two of them. Wormtail had also thawed some rats for Nagini. He set the plate on the living room floor in case she felt hungry.
After a few minutes of hearty eating, Wormtail said to Voldemort, "I'm afraid I won't be able to bake chocolate chip muffins today. I can't find the recipe book."
Voldemort frowned. "How could you lose it? It's your favorite book and you keep them like a librarian, alphabetized on that shelf of yours."
Wormtail shrugged. "I had it yesterday, but now its just vanished."
Voldy sighed dramatically. "First Lucius and your disappearance, and now this!" He brandished his fork wildly and accidentally send half a pancake flying across the dining table.
"I'm sure it will turn up soon," Wormtail said.
"Well, let's look for fingerprints," Voldemort decided. "If it's a true mystery, we might as well get started. Besides, I'm bored."
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