Amache Mini Story

Amache Mini Story

This is a small story I wrote, about a character in a dear friend's book they're currently writing. Please feel free to give feedback!

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Fire and Light

Like said above, please do feel free give some feedback! I'd prefer to know what people's opinions are on my writing. It helps me improve my writing skills. :) Now on to the story!
        Fire. It is a provider of warmth and light. Light. How I hate it. It burns, I can feel it crawling, surging towards my darkened heart. A creature of Darkness. A mistake is what they called me. A failed… experiment. A demon. I feel myself shuddering violently. My wound, deep, was my reward for protecting a friend.
        The moon showered down light, as I looked towards the ocean. My arm ached as I looked down. The battle has left many injured, some dead. Why do I feel this… compassion? I am a demon… a monster… and this is what I deserve. Cringing, I gently feel where I was burned. The humans have now had light essence, proving deadly to only few. But they knew I was there. Why did they want me dead? The tendrils of anger threatened to envelope me as I ignored the burning.
        “Hi Amache!” Linet said, swooping down from her dragon form, landing next to me. I turn away, not wanting her to see me in this state.
        “Hello my Queen.” I stutter out, hiding my pain. Linet sighed as she leaned on the balcony.        
        “You don’t need to call me that. Just call me Linet.” She smiled, her voice gently and caring. I growled in annoyance as I felt the light essence boil on my side. Linet looked at me, alarmed.
        “Why did you lie? If you had a wound, you should have told us!” She said, annoyed.
        “I would be a waste of material.” I said, pained tears now threatening to escape.
        “You would not! Now come over here so I can look at it!” She said, a smile playing on her lips. I looked up, revealing my torn face. Her expression changed to a frown as she looked at me intently. I looked back down, my small flicker of hope gone.
        “I know… I am marked as a demon. I understand if you wish for me to leave…” I muttered turning around to leave. She grabbed my shoulder and turned me around, her eyes looking in mine.
        “Why would you say something that stupid?” She said, her expression hard but gentle. I looked down, shock and… a foreign feeling.. flooding over me. I felt a warm embrace, as she wrapped her arms around me. My eyes widened in shock. I didn’t move as she let go, savoring the touch of kindness. She backed away, her eyes widening at my expression.
        “You look as if you never had a hug before!” She gasped.         
        “Only once…” I said, looking down, embarrassed. She lead me inside the room as a doctor came in and looked over the wound. Silence filled the room, as she healed the cut. I winced as they bandaged it, the leather tight around me. Linet smiled kindly as she thanked the doctor for her help. The woman stared at me as if I had two heads, as she left.
        “Why is a demon helping us…” The woman muttered. That word. Demon. How powerful. Linet appeared to have not heard the doctor’s words.
        “So, I’ll leave you be for a while..” Linet said quietly, as she jumped off the balcony.
I sit down on a couch, letting my thoughts run free.
        ‘Demon...’ A voice snickered somewhere in the depths of my mind. I frowned as venom burned in my throat. ‘Why do you ignore me? I am your master. Your creator.’
My blood boiled as I heard the voice again, trying to control me once more. ‘Why won’t you kill the queens? You could have all the power in the world.’
        ‘Because I’m not you!’ I shrieked in my head. Black tendril like shadows spurted from the walls, as my anger was released.
        “Amache. Calm down.” A soothing voice said, the being’s eyes glowing gold through the wisps of darkness.
        “I-I can’t go back...“ I said, shaking from fear and anger. A panther of black leapt from the shadows, and padded over, curling up on the couch. She purred, the sound loud but gentle. Her vibrant eyes looked upon mine, connecting our souls. She blinked slowly as she growled deeply.
        “Amache. You musn’t lose yourself. Fight him, but you will need help from the queens.” Sighing sadly, I leaned towards her, giving in to her warm embrace. “Your brother is evil now. So if you decide to kill him, you will become him. Without any emotion.”. I pressed myself against her fur, welcoming her protection.
        “You have people to protect now. Prove you aren’t the demon they say you are. Protect the queens, they are now your family. They have accepted you and care about you. Let your shields down around them.”
        My heart twinged, as I realized what happened. I feel more than hate or sorrow. I am wanted. They love me as a sister. Tears trickled down my cheeks as I smiled, giving in to the haze of sleep.
Maybe fire isn’t so bad.
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