Wedding Worries - Icicle and Kris

Wedding Worries - Icicle and Kris

In the days leading up to the big day, both the bride and groom are facing some of the biggest obstacles. Can they cut through?

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Chapter 1.
It all started with a proposal...

It all started with a proposal...


This is how it all started:

I knocked on Kris's door one night last week. I was meeting him for tea, wearing my new style of a light blue sleeveless top, a blue skirt, and turquoise heels. I just thought it was a get-together. But when he escorted me to the kitchen...
I saw a proper fancy meal for 2!
"Kris, it's amazing," I said. "You made this?"
"All of it," Kris said. He took out a wine bottle from the fridge, and two wine glasses from the cupboard.
I took a bite of his food, and oh my God it was delicious!
"Well? How is it?" Kris asked.
"It's gorgeous!" I replied. "Absolute amazing!"
Kris then took my hand. He stood up from his seat and walked to my side.
"Kris? What are you doing?" I asked.
"I know I'm not good at this," Kris said, "but I have to say it. I believe we're meant to be together." He then took out a box from his pocket, and dropped to one knee. "Icicle, will you marry me?"
I have to say, when he did that, I was NOT expecting it. It blew me away.
He opened the box and inside it was the most amazing ring I have ever seen. The diamond in it was an icy blue. And it shined! It wasn't fake!
"Kris, I..." I couldn't quite get my words together at first, but in the end I managed to say, "Yes. Yes I will!"
He stood up, smiling, and placed the ring on my finger. It was so beautiful.


From then on, it was settled. Now Kris and I are preparing for our big day.
But there's just one problem.
It's all starting to fall apart.
No, not our relationship.
The wedding plans.
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your stories are so good!!
on June 09, 2016
Awesome!!!! Please write more, this is so so so so so (infinite so) good!
on June 03, 2014
on June 01, 2014