Jess the killer [Jeff the killer love story]

Jess the killer [Jeff the killer love story]

A story about a girl named Jessica who meets a boy who happens to be a vicious killer What will happen to Jessica will Jeff snap and kill her?

published on July 07, 2014154 reads 37 readers 6 not completed
Chapter 1.

Who was that?

I woke up early morning and did my daily routine, got a shower, got changed, blow dried and straightend my orban/titian hair and did my eye liner. I gathered up my things for school and placed them neatly in my bag and put it on my back.

I then walked down stairs and was greeted by my supposingly good mother and stupid step dad. Most people like their step dads but i hate mine hes an abusing awful man that thinks its okay to hit their girlfriend child. I simpily HATE him and i mean if i had the chanse i would kill him in an instantly.
I blanked my mother and walked outside while i could hear her and my step dad calling my name, so i decided to run . I fell a coupl times but i just wanted to stay away from that wretched thing i call my family and i never wanted to come home to be greated by those two idiotic weirdo's again, i mean who would want to spend their whole life with them.

After a while still nowhere near the school and stopped running. I  had this weird feeling i was being watched but i shrugged the feeling off. Seconds later i could hear footsteps from behind me and turned around. I saw a boy in a white hoody with a carved smile on his face pin me to the growned.
"STO-" "shush my little Jessica. I'm Jeff and I've been watching you for a while" the boy named Jeff said with a hand clasped onto my face. He placed his other hand on my cheek still sat on my waist and pinning me down but at this motion i felt a shiver run down the back of my neck.
"Don't be afraid Jessica i wont hurt you your way too beautiful to kill. I'm only popping in for a visit this time but stay clear i will always, ALWAYS be watching you!" He then let go off me and ran off into the near by forest without a word being said. I got up and rushed to school thinking why would he not kill me? because to be honest that is what i want so badly to happen. I still think he is watching me but i still fear that the boy named Jeff is still watching me now and also from this second onwards in the day and the rest of my life.
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on April 01
Please continue
on February 25, 2017
wow..... thats all i can
see please please continue
on June 10, 2015
pwease continue X3
on April 28, 2015
I *sob* Love this story *cries for hour's* O-okay I think I'm good great I love Jeff and murder or not I still love him and Creepypasta u need to make one for Toby,Ben,Hoodie,Masky etc bye bye
on November 28, 2014
Please continue!
on August 23, 2014