Scar Scarlette

Hey, my name's Scar. I'd like to tell you about who I am. Sense you ALL care so much. You know the age old Tale. A kid has mental disorders, the kid gets bullied. Everyone picks on the retarded kid. They called me Scar because of my scars! I'm not retarded though, I'm troubled. I had schizophrenia and a swirl of disorders. Anyways, I lived with my brother, dad and mother. Mom was just a WONDERFUL mom always getting drunk and beating us, she's dead now. And dad, he died in a car accident. I grew more distant after that. Who the FVCK needs a social life? I have the voices in my head to keep me company and doctors tried to silence them. So anyways I killed mother, after that I thought I could just, end it all and leave this worthless world, I blacked out.

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It all just happened so quickly. I was only ten one that faithful day. Everything flashed white as a loud collision boomed in my ears. Everything all seemed to move in slow motion. "Scarlette!" I was frozen in fear as I watched my father climb to the back seat and embrace me as everything sped up as I crashed into him. A red veil covered my eyes. I knew it, this was the end for me, or so I thought.
I woke to a blinding white light as I moved my head to the side to shield my eyes. All I could see was black fuzzy figures. "She's awake." I heard a woman's voice speak. "Scarlette Jones, can you hear me?" I nodded my head slightly, to weak to speak. My vision sharpened to it's original state. I saw a nurse looming over me. She has bright blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun and she wore blue scrubs that matched the color of her eyes. "Can you sit up?" She asked. I lifted my head up and pushed myself up slightly as my arms quivered. The nurse must have noticed me struggling because she stood at my right side and put her left hand on my back and her right on my lap, helping me up.
"Thank you." I rasped out, my voice was dry.
"Do you want some water Ms. Jones?" She asked in a cheery yet sympathetic tone. I nodded and she got me some water from the faucet. She handed me the cup. I drank the small glass of water in one gulp and my throat began to feel better.
"Thank you." I spoke after swallowing the liquid.
"Anything to make your recovery more comfortable." She smiled politely. I smiled back weakly. I just remembered that I saw more then one figure. I looked to my left. I saw mother and and my brother Daniel. My mothers dark brown hair hung over her face as she shook a bit. My brother looked at her and was rubbing a hand on her back.
"Mom? Daniel?" Daniel looked up at me while mother stayed in her position but tightened up a bit. I realized that he was crying. "Daniel, why are you and my crying." I feared the answer.
"Scar.... Father he..." He choked.
"He what?" My voice shook a bit as my fear grew. He can't be....No! Impossible.
"He's..." He cried harder.
"He's not...." I started to cry.
"He is." Daniel crooked. No! He can't be. My mind flash with the memory of the incident.
"Scarlette." My father was driving.
"Yes daddy?" I giggled innocently."
"Daughter, when you grow up would you be the leader of the broken, the beaten and the damned?" I was confused as I tilted my head slightly.
"Dad?" He gripped the stirring wheel tighter until his knuckles turned white.
"Will you defeat them, your demons and all the non believers, the plans that they have made?" The car came to a stop. "One day, I'll leave you to join the black parade." I was getting worried.
"Daddy, you're scaring me." I quivered.
"Don't worry Scarlette." He smiled which always comforted me. "Just promise that you will."
"I promise Daddy." I giggled with a smile, happy that he was back to normal.
"Thank you Scarlette." He steeped on the gas. "Daddy loves you." Just as he spoke a car slammed into the right side of our car sending us flying.
I snapped back to reality. I was shaking really badly and crying in screams. I just couldn't believe it. he was dead.
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Comments (5)

Wow, if cool are u really a " loser restarted kid" u don't sous like one
on May 22, 2015
on May 22, 2015
Wait is this you for real or is this just a story o.0
It's my real name and it has some similar storyline to my life and personality traits. But this is mainly just a story. It's me as a CreepyPasta.
Ah k
on May 19, 2015
on May 19, 2015
on May 18, 2015