The big journey towards South korea

This is about a big journey towards a country named South Korea! So what's this story actually about? Well, read the story and find out! ^^

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Chapter 1.

The first years

This is a story about me, my name is Daniel and I was borned in Seoul, South Korea. When I was 3 months old I got adopted to Sweden and came to a small village named Gullringen. So in my childhood I knew nothing about the korean language, I only knew that I was borned in South Korea. It was not until I was around 15 years old that I started practising korean, but we will come to that later. As a child I was not thinking that much about life, I was more like that child who was playing around with other kids. I had glasses back then wich I don't have nowadays. Now I see everything clearly! However sometimes when I choose to unconcentrate or whatever I do I can see double like I have some kind of power to adjust the lense. I think it's cool through, that I can do it! ^^ Is it just me or are there others that can change how sharp you see an object? Sometimes I thinking whether or not I might need glasses anyway cause I tend to get headache easier if I see an object sharp and clearly than if I choose to see it in double.

As a child I made a lot of books, I wrote literally thousands of books back then. However, they where very short most of them, mostly only one page where one page is an A4 paper folded in half to do a book. The rest was just the title and a the end, so it wasn't that hard to make that many books if you think about it, but still! ^^ When looking back at the books as an grown up I was kinda surprized about some contents! I was more random and creative than I thought. Some of them where books I was surprized that I wrote them, some even better than parts of those books I do nowadays! ^^ Nowadays I make stories that are a lot longer than those back at my childhood where the longest have around 50-60 pages! You know, as a grown up you realise that you simply can't do a book with only one page, it would be too short! ^^ Stories nowadays are more detailed and realistic than at my childhood even through I write science fiction about time travel through space and time, a bit like dr. who. I also draw monsters when I was a child, I guess it was pokemon that made me start to draw monsters but I don't remember when and how I started to draw them. ^^ I still make monsters but nowadays they're more like animals and aliens from other planets that I have in my stories. I also draw plants and eatibles nowadays to my stories, eatibles like fruits and vegetables that only exists on other planets.

I also love amusementparks and draw different rides for an amusementpark I called Danneberg. In my stories, Danneberg is very huge! Danneberg covered an entire planet, so it's a planet with other words! At my childhood I wrote about the size being a little bit bigger than the sun! But nowadays at my more realistic stories I have made it a lot smaller than the sun to have it realistic. ^^ Now it's more like the size of earth but a bit bigger. It's so big that everyone in the amusementpark uses teleportation to teleport from one place to another. But you can only teleport inside of the amusementpark, not out in the universe. For that, you need other types of teleportations that doesn't block the ability to teleport in outer space (outside of Danneberg).

I also made an enemy that is superevil and have the ability to have all kinds of super powers in the universe, like Peter and Sylar in the series named heroes except he didn't had to be close someone with the same power to get it, he was borned with all possible superpowers! He loves to turn himself into a mist and sweep around silently as a deadly mist and when the victims are least aware of it, he will strike! That's why I named him Silent Mist. But later it became Mistery and most recent name was Pyur Evilius wich comes from: pure evil.
I have also made sudokus in all kinds of different shapes and rules! Some are very creative like the chessdoku where there where letters that stands for all the "pjäser" that exists on chess and that it follows the same rule. It has the rule of normal sudoku but same "pjäs" can't be toghether in the way they move in chess neither.
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a warning: getting from china into north korea wull be close to impossible and be extremwly careful in north Korea
on May 07, 2016