Wanna Be A Mobian?

Wanna Be A Mobian?

If you're a Sonic fan, but you don't have your own Mobian style, it's easy to get one! Follow these simple steps!

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Chapter 1.

Step 1 - Main appearance

The first step is determining the simple base of your Mobian self.

1) You need to choose an animal species. The most popular I've seen are hedgehogs, cats, wolves, and echidnas.
2) Once you've chosen, you need to choose a main fur colour. There are a few you can use on Female/Male Furry Dollmaker, such as white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue (light and dark), green, brown (light and dark), grey and black. I'd recommend using those.
3) What colour eyes? Hazel, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown or grey?
4) Will your Mobian self have different coloured arms to your fur?
5) Are there any features? Take Leat the Cat for example (Frostgoddess's first Sonic OC). The tip of her tail is black, and so is one side of her forehead, and the ear that side is. Maybe your self will have spines (if hedgehog or echidna) or hair? Course, you choose them!
6) What are you going to name your Mobian self?


Once you've followed these mini-steps to the end, turn to the next chapter!
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Comments (2)

on May 27, 2014
Cool,even though I alredy have a oc
on May 24, 2014