Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

15 year old Marlinia Flotsam was born on the distant island of Jersey (if your thinking New Jersey i'll end you). She's always lived with her older brother, a surfer who often leaves her alone whilst he's out winning whatever he could get his hands on. On the night of her 15th birthday something enchanting happened, whilst on a moonlight walk she came across a boy, half fish half boy. A merboy. The next day she wakes up with no memory of the night before to find if she's exposed to a certain amount of water her legs will become a tail. Struggling to keep her secret and resisting the want to swim away she must avoid water in an island surrounded by it.

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Chapter 1.


The ocean had always been my dream. To loose myself in it's depths was what I thought of at night. I cherished the moments I spent in the ocean, from when I entered it's slick grip till the moment I wriggled out of it's grasp. I never was the best swimmer in my class, in fact you probably find me the slowest in front crawl and a flying duck in back stroke but the moment the teacher told us to dive I'd be off like a rocket swimming deeper than everyone else. Sadly I could never fulfil my dream, since my parents had died 5 years I'd been living close to the ocean at St Quen's bay in a reasonable sized old house with my brother and his friends. Due to the fact all my brother would do to support us is surf I had to take up a after school job till 6pm at a café so we could pay our £150 monthly rent along with 75% of the food money. I never got near the ocean because to top it off I've got to keep up with school. It seemed like the ocean called to me more everyday.

It was a normal Friday. Ok it was my 15 birthday.
"Hey! Marley! There's the birthday girl!" A voice yelled down the school corridor outside my form room. Oh yer my name was Marlinia Flotsam and I live on a small island between France and the UK. I turned to see my best friend and my only true friend Leo rush down the corridor towards me. He was 6 feet tall with shaggy brown hair that looked perfect no matter how it was wore, his skin was a sun kissed tan and his eyes were a vibrant green. I smiled and tucked a strand of my pale think hair behind one ear. He hugged me tight and dragged me into a classroom. Walking home with Leo felt like a dream, we walked by the beach laughing. They was one patch of cloud, Hugo Cames. He was one of the typical boy that all the girls liked with authority issues. His hair was a sandy blond and his eyes a pale cold blue that made me freeze. Yer he was hot but he was too cold if I were interested in dating I'd go for Leo a warm, sweet and kind boy who's just as hot as Hugo but cute. He smirked when he saw us causing Leo to step in front of me defensively.
"Oh looky we've got a goody goody and a titchy dwarf who I think might be a girl wait no a boy!" He whistled. In reaction I touch my face and looked down at myself. One of my flaws, I was always conscious about my looks. I growled and went to bite back but Leo stopped me.
"He's not worth it!" Leo hissed as he put his arm around me. We walked away leaving Hugo staring after us.

That night we bought a chocolate cake from my work with a white chocolate sign  on the top signed in blue icing 'Happy Birthday'. We set up 7 plates on my table once we got back to mine. One for me, Leo, my brother Toby and my brother's friends Sam, Thomas, Sid and Fill. By 5pm they were all there but my brother apparently he was at a dinner in town with a few girls. Come 8pm everyone left and I walked down to the beach. I sat the smooth sand and reflected on the school day, not realising that was the last school day i'd ever have.
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