Short horror stories

Short horror stories. Requirements no lights, a blanket... maybe a fresh pair of underware

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Chapter 1.

The Doll Who Killed.

It was a late night. You were in bed sleeping tightly. Until something woke you up.
Knock Knock...
It was a knocking on a door. You thought to yourself it was your imagination. Then it came back louder, harder, and angrier.
It echoed through your bedroom. Then it swung open..., but nothing was there. You slowly sat up.
"H-hello" You croaked out.
That's when it appeared. It looked like a doll, with human eyes, glass bones, and cloth skin... IT WAS A DOLL A HUMAN SIZED ONE! You tried to scream, but it covers your mouth with a wicked grin. With low rumble coming from its throat.
"I'll see you in heaven dear." It rasped as its knife started to shine in the moonlit room.
It started to drag the knife across your neck skin. Slowly and painfully harshly. It could fell you crimson blood fall down your precious neck. You started to gag and cough up blood. Your vision went hazy as you felt a burning sensation. You covered your stomach feeling the warm blood press against your arm. Then slowly felt the pain of spikes against your back. The next thing to happen was the doll appear above you and push you down and the spike... went through you. You screamed with your last breath. Then all was silent... The doll killed with guilt.
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