Not all monsters were born like one

Not all monsters were born like one

this is about arashi She grows about learning her powers but realized why every one is afraid of her.

published on December 21, 201798 reads 11 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


I guess I'll start from the beginning then. It started on June the 13th 1997. It was friday. 10:00 pm. It was when people says on fridays on the 13th monsters were born. But a human girl name Arashi Torai Lace came. Everyone except for Arashi's parents were surprise.

Even though her birth made people think that not everyone who was born on friday the 13th can't always be born as a monster. Yet they still fear. Fear that Arashi Lace may become a monster when they least expected. That she might destroyed their homes. Kill their family. And enslave their kind. For she was born on 13th, on a friday. And How I learned about this story? Well it's not the time to tell you how yet.
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This kind of reminds me of myself. I was born on a Friday the 13th I have always been different then everyone else they were scared of me, When I was bullied I fought back.
on December 21, 2017