Another Bible Story

Another Bible Story

Dear Lord, thank you for friends, family, love, peace, Shelly, and hot ass.

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Kira u a hoe lmao

A/N: i love making you a bottom bitch ♥

A/N: i just realized how hard it would be for Shelly to kiss someone with her head-gear (is that what it's called???) but i'm too lazy to go back and fix it so sorry babe

Shelly laid on the couch in her house as
she mindlessly watched the T.V while she waited for Kira to get there. Her face was red with a light blush as she let her mind wonder and think about different things she and Kira could do together. Maybe they would make-out, or perhaps hump one another, or Shelly could test out the new dildo she bought on her Lover...

She heard a knock on the door and jumped up to get answer it. She checked through the peep-hole and let out a excited gasp once she saw Kira on the other side; She quickly unlocked and opened the door for her and greeted her.

"Hi, Kira!" She said, smiling wide. She hugged Kira and guided her to the couch.

The two girls had been chatting and sneaking kisses every now and again until Stan popped out of his room and walked into the living room.

"Shelly," he began, annoyance lacing every word that left his lips. "Mom and Dad said you couldn't have anyone over.

Shelly scrunched her eyebrows at her brother and jumped up, "Shut up, Turd!!" She yell at him, her 's's slurring. "Mom and Dad said that I was in charge, meaning I get to tell you want to do, so get in your damn room, Twerp!" She pointed at his room as Kira watched, completely used to and indifferent to the situation, but spoke up softly, placing a hand on Shelly's shoulder. "Hey now, be nice, Shells." She teased, "I'm just picking some stuff up, Stan." Her brown eyes glided over to him, a smile on her lips as she lied through her teeth.

Stan blushed slightly, he suddenly felt very silly and awkward. "Oh— Uh, yeah, okay. Nice seein' you, Kira. Thanks." He said before slowly going back to his room.

Once the door was closed, Shelly grabbed Kira's hand. "Nice cover-up." She said, stifling a laugh.

"I do what I can." Kira shrugged.

Shelly grabbed Kira's hand and began to lead her to her bedroom; Once they arrived, Shelly pushed Kira onto the bed and began to pull her shirt off, reveling her bra covered boobs.

Kira's face light up in a blush, her heart began to hammer against her chest and her underwear began to feel wet. A shy smirk found it's way onto her face as she began to take off her own shirt.

The two girls began to touch and feel one-another, moaning and squeaking as they did. Kira squeezed Shelly's tits, causing Shelly to gasp and groan before telling her what a bad girl she was being.

After what seemed to be hours—but in reality was only ten minutes—of lustful and sensuous touching and clothes being taken off and thrown across the room, Shelly took out a blindfold and put it over the other girl's eyes before she began to play with Kira's sensitive clit, causing Kira to let out a loud gasp.

Shelly giggled lightly and shushed her before going back to toying with the little bundle of nerves between Kira's legs.

After insuring that her Blonde Lover was thoroughly soaking wet, Shelly whispered in Kira's ear, "I've got a surprise for you~"

Kira felt excitement build in her chest, Shelly always had the best surprises.

The Brunette pulled out the shoe-box from under her bed, a sly grin on her pink lips as she pulled out the six inch long and three inch thick dildo and began to push it against Kira's entrance.

Kira's head shot up, "Shelly, what's that?" She asked worriedly.

Shelly shushed her, placing a finger to her lips. "Kira, I promise you're gonna like this. Trust me."

Kira reluctantly laid back down and tried to calm and brace ((a/n: haha a pun get it shelly brace haha)) herself for whatever Shelly had in-store for her.

Shelly pushed in the dildo a bit further, she didn't need to stretch Kira beforehand, seeing they had flings like this rather often; Kira arched her back off the bed and gasped as she felt the large object begin to enter her. "Oh, Shelly-" she let out a deep moan once it hit her g-spot. "F-Faster..."

Shelly began to push the red dildo in and out of her girlfriend's pussy, savoring the delicious moans the other was making as she did.

"Ha-Hah!!" Kira let out as she let her hands find the headboard and grip it so tight that her knuckles turned white. "Shelly, harder! Go ha-harder!"

Shelly began to ram the cock into Kira's heat, a bit harder and faster with each thrust; which each stroke of the cock inside her Kira would moan louder and louder until she was practically screaming.

Shelly had her hand playing with her own pussy and was nearing orgasm when she heard a muffled knock against the wall.

"Yo, Shelly, could you and your girlfriend be any louder? I'm sure the neighbors would love to hear you guys." Stan yelled.

"Shut up, Stanley!!" Shelly screamed before she continued to thrust the dildo into her girlfriend.

"I'm gonna cum!! I'm gonna-" The Blonde called out weakly as she panted and moaned.

Shelly and Kira both released together, the two of them moaning and yelling each-other's names as they did.

After they came down from their high and they had napped for a while, Kira put on her clothes and began to head home.

"Nice having you over, Kira." Stan said sarcastically, "Oh-" he continued, "Please be a little louder the next time my sister and you fuçk, okay?"

"Fuçk off, Stan." Kira laughed as she walked out the door.
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