Dreams of the dead.

These are my ghost experiences. So far, they relate to dreams. Here ya go!

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Chapter 1.


It started after I was going back from the mall (even though I hate shopping...), my hand started twitching. "The hell...?" I had wondered, then realizing what it had said- or asked: HeLP Me! And yes, with the e's lowercased.
Anyway, I had finally fallen to sleep. I was dreaming of laying on the lawn for some reason.. I have no clue why. The house in front of me were translucent as onions- you can see the outside walls, but you can also see inside. I watched in horror as a man entered the house- nearly each room had a sleeping child, and I knew something was wrong when you could see the walls of the outside of the house- I later heard gunshots, then the house went on fire.
Later, many things happened. Some were my own memories- some weren't my memories. All I knew is that they weren't all mine.
I wounded up in a car, getting out. I followed the man- who I assumed was the murderer- greeted a woman and a small baby. "And this is my daughter.." I heard the man say after a bit, motioning to take when the dream became lucid. "No, I would never be a daughter to a murderer! You killed innocent children!" I had screamed. His face turned to pure disgust- as if I was telling lies. "You little brat!" The man had cried, running after me.
It went to third person- I was origonally in first person view. It showed a small African American girl, with beauful braids in her hair. She was so close to the house- so nearly there to knock on the door, but the man stabbed her in the back, like a traitor.
I woke up with a sharp pain in my back- the same spot I was stabbed.
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