It's Been A While...

I've been away for a while. Well, actually a helluva long time. This is just a disclosure for what i've been doing...

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Hey Guys!

Alright, I'm going to explain some things. First, I am not going to be on here that frequently, probably just to see who's still active or not. Maybe join a few other communities. But also, I'm not going to write my stories on here, instead, find me at Fanfiction.Net. I've already written a few, and hopefully more.
Another thing, I am currently going through a fanboy withdraw. As in, I am trying to slow my roll on a fandom I like. It's extremely hard when you are expecting the series to start back up on October 27.
Lastly, please leave a review on one of my stories if you are following me. I would love to know if you are also active on the site and would also love to check out the stories you've all wrote.
See you all around
(Okay, this is because of the 2000 character limit. And because I want to get this off of my chest. And tell me if you get what I'm doing.)
Team KHKI,
Leader: Kai Wellington
Teammates: Hailey Arc, (Pyrrha is still dead, I ain't a dolt. Nor did I make a different fate for her. Everything is the same, just Jaune moved on, still with a few reminiscing memories.) Kit Belladonna (Xiao Long) (Owned by Reeves3, I did not get permission to use this character and am just explaining this for the 2000 character limit. If you see this somehow Reeves, don't hate me please.), and Iris Rose.
Current Status, (In my head): Not even formed yet because I cant seem to think straight. But the story is laid out and clean cut...somewhat.
The story is basically an AU where the offspring of the five esteemed hunters go to the same school as Kai. I have an entire plot, twist, climax, and ending planned. I just don't know how to get there without seeming extremely corny, long winded, or just plain boring. I cant explain too much, but at the same time, I need enough info for y'all to not be in the dark. Such as the Knights of the Round Table, Sacred Armor and Weapons, Prodiges of each Knight, and another force of evil that will also most likely need permission before use. Look, I may seem like a copy cat, but do you think someone like me, a shit talker who jokes more than is serious, who barely knows how to write without egging on, and is a NEET, could ever write anything interesting without using some other source? I'm good, decent at best, but I ain't a god.
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